Monday, October 29, 2012

Monday Mourning with Mama

Mother Jefferson was a good sport and put on her rally cap Sunday evening for the Detroit Tigers. Unfortunately, they failed to appreciate her efforts on their behalf.  

"You okay, Lady?  'Cause Lionel will totally kiss you on the nose and make you feel better."
He totally would, too.  Our little Lionel is quite the dumpling of love.  


Our Baby Jeffersons are 8-weeks-old today.  Can you believe it?  We're closing in on being "officially adoptable".  In fact, I've been asked to upload their profiles to Petfinder this week.  I'm going to be waiting a few days though, while I decide whether or not a certain someone's picture will make it online.

"Are you my mama, Lady?"

We spent bits of time this weekend exposing the kittens to life outside of the foster room.  They're nowhere near as brave as litters past... and they're not in love with Charlie either.  We have a bit of time, though....

The decision has been made to turn the adoption condos at Petco into an "adults only" residence in order to feature our older cats and hopefully find their homes in time for the holidays.  Most of our rescue's kittens have been adopted into forever homes.  In fact, I have most of the available kittens living under my roof right now.  During the next couple of weeks, Mother Jefferson will be spayed and make the move to Petco after recovery.  Since they are now over 6-months-old and gangly teenagers more closely resembling adults than babies, our upstairs trio of Henry, Tika, and Abby will be moving back there once they have recovered from the most recent illness.  Another mother cat (Mother Adams, as a matter of fact) will be joining them all there.

The Baby Jeffersons will start attending adoption weekends in another couple weeks, but will continue to come home at night with us until they are adopted.... which means that we will get to spend time with them right up until the moment they leave for their forever homes.


Between watching two tragic World Series games, a Lions come-from-behind victory, and a MSU Spartans miracle, the weekend was spent finishing last-minute costumes and getting the kids to 4 Halloween parties, a Halloween dance, a rollerskating party, a school trip to the Detroit Institute of Arts, and a soccer game (And no, we didn't adopt any extra kids over the weekend... this was the weekend schedule for just three kids).   We're also battening down the hatches for the 4 straight days of rain expected on the outskirts of the Hurricane Sandy system.  

I'll be inside and taking tons more pictures to post for you tomorrow.  Sending good wishes to all our friends on the east coast.  Stay warm, dry, and safe (and let us know how you're doing if you can).


  1. boo for the Tigers but YEAH for Sparty!!!

    We gots our paws crossed for lots of adult adoptions!

  2. Sorry for your loss Kelly, but glad the kittens (esp Lionel) got you through it. I'm in PA and the rain here has been steady since midnight Sunday. I'm expecting the winds to pick up tonight. The kids have off today and now tomorrow as well. I hope everyone else stays safe and dry. Take care :)

  3. I was rooting for your Tigers and I'm sorry they lost. I'm located about 25 miles south of Philadelphia where the storm is supposed to hit tonight!!!! All we can do at this point is wait and pray!

  4. Oh, such great memories of the DIA. It was the only way Mom could get 4 teenagers out of bed & to church on time was a promise of an afternoon DIA visit. Now, what we lack in culture in rural CA, we’re making up for in weather. 80 & sunny today, rain December. (Don’t envy me, 110 in Aug! yuck). Take care, stay dry.