Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday With Florence

Hey Flo, what do you know?

(Just so you know... I say that to her at least once a day.  It bugs my kids.  I think that Florence loves it.  It's one of those win-win situations.)

 Fluffy Florence... The fluffiest feline in the front foster room.
 Feisty Florence... The kitten voted most likely to
(Side note... look at  how our big girl's eyes are changing color from the inside out)
Playful Florence... The mousies live in fear of her very presence.
"Being awesome is thirsty work!"
"Don't hate Florence because she's beautiful."
"Clay is borrrrred!"
"Enough of Flo!"
"Let's talk about Clay's flame points instead.  LOOK AT THE NOSIE!!!"
 "Yeah.... Enough of Flo!"
"Have you taken enough time to adequately admire Lionel's belly spots??"
"Yeah... Enough of Flo!  No one has said a thing about Willie Rae hunting the fly!"
 "Yeah... Enough of Flo!  Look at Roxie slay the shoelace dragon!"
"Can we just get back to Flo?"

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


  1. They are just the bestest kiddens. we can't get enough of any of them!

  2. Adorable! Florence is a beauty queen. Lionel's belly spots are unBELievable, and Roxie's points are so striking now. Have a good weekend Kelly :) We will be waiting to see if the "Storm of the Year-Sandy" ruins Halloween and the rest of the week. Wish us luck!

  3. sigh.....that is a heck of a lot of cute running around up there!!!

  4. MOL, love your win win! I'm sorry, but how in the world do you ever get anything done?? I'd have to just sit there and play with the kittens alllll day long! And then watch them sleep and then play again then watch then play........

  5. oh my i just love that age, they are all so darn adorable!