Monday, April 15, 2013

Happy Monday!


"Ruby doesn't like Monday and you can't make her! She snarls in Monday's general direction!"

"Dude... Mondays bum Charlie out."

"Nope... Norm's not doing Monday."

"If Simba refuses to acknowledge the Monday then the Monday does not exist.
Simba will be here until Tuesday."

"You can DO that?"

"Ruby left a wake up call for Tuesday. Back off until then please."


It's been a crazy five or six days with the house in total chaos due to the bathroom repairs. Who knew that destruction and construction in one teeny tiny room could create so much dust throughout an ENTIRE house??? I will be spending the next day or two finding my belongings underneath the fine layer of grout dust. The kids are helping by drawing smiley faces on everything and the kits are leaving tracks on all of the horizontal surfaces. At least it's not raining in the laundry room any more.

I'll dust off my camera and bring you a new weekly segment tomorrow (and some news on Wednesday)


  1. Wait...No!...It's Monday?! Ahhhhhh! I calls take backs...Wait I'll be like Simba and Ruby, night night...

    ~Brooch Czarina

  2. We like Simba's idea - and he does look kinda happy on the laundry :)

  3. I feel your bathroom remodeling, which was supposed to take 15 days max, ended up being two months! And I think I still find grout dust in the odd crevices... Good luck! :)

  4. my monday is just a little bit better getting to spend it with Ruby.. (and Norm, and Simba.. Sorry Charlie)

  5. I am actually happy its Monday cause I was sick on the wkend SOOO glad I'm not today. Wait, what did you say was on Wednesday? I hate when there are teasers. Lets' skip over Tuesday then shall we because then we will be on Wednesday and I will here the exciting news. It will be exciting won't it? Oh I am so not patient when it comes to kitty happenings.

    1. *hear* the exciting news (I hate typos too!)

    2. I don't know if the news is all that exciting, but it IS news to be shared. I'll let you decide on Wednesday how exciting it actually is.