Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ruby Tuesday

Sleepless in Roo-attle?

When a Ruby is involved someone is almost always sleepless. If you're a parent whose child has watched Blue's Clues, you might remember this story...

Ruby's NOT tired. She's NEVER tired.

At least, not when you want her to be.

"Just go to sleep, Roo-Bird" says Simba.
The Roo-Bird says, "I'm not tired."

Really, she's not.... Can't you tell?


"Roo knows that you're sleepy and you're tucked good and tight,
but Ruby's not ready to sleep for the night."

"Roo knows that you're tired and really can't care,"

"There's something still happening way over there!"

"Roo's lids might be heavy..."

"And at times they might close."

"You're still here?" asks the Roo. "Well, okay... Just DON'T boop the nose!"

"You couldn't help yourself? You just had to do it, didn't you?"

"You talk to the paw... Sayonara... Toodle-Loo!"


  1. I've got a thing for torties and torbies, partly because they're so beautiful but also because of the 'tude, exasperating as it may be some times. Ruby is so smoochable, I would CONSTANTLY be kissing those whiskerpowsches of hers!


  2. Such wonderful closeups of the Ruby-bird :) and the watermark looks good Kelly! I wonder though if Ruby dances? I for some reason now have the children's song Looby-Loo in my head with of course appropriately altered lyrics. Here we go Ruby-Roo, here we go Ruby-rah....

  3. But Ruby - your nose is just so boopable!

    When Jinx was a baby and would fight sleep like that, I'd sing my made-up "Snoozy Song" to him and he'd fall asleep. I can still get him to close his eyes when I sing it now!

  4. aww.. Every time you do close ups of her I just want to kiss her flame..

  5. We know you really were sleepy, Ruby. Ruby naps are the best! Purrs...