Friday, April 12, 2013

The Sister Of All Updates!

You all know how much I love updates. Imagine my joy when I opened my e-mail the other day and found an update (complete with pictures) of one of the most strikingly gorgeous and amazingly mysterious kittens that we have ever hosted here in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town.

Remember in September? When the house was overrun with fosters? We had five of the Adams kittens in the foster room. Henry, Tika, and Abby were on a sneezy sabbatical from Petco upstairs in the family room. And in the kids' bathroom? A tortie mama kept her teeny tiny babies in the linen closet. Remember these faces?

From left to right: Willie Rae, Florence, Clay, Lionel, and Roxie Jefferson
(Oh good golly to I ever have a thing for the one on the left!)

Mother Jefferson gave us quite the variety pack...
3 tabbies and 2 Siamese points.

We watched them grow from 3 days old until they started off to their forever homes at 10 weeks.

Clay morphed from a grumpy, toothless little man to...
a most adorable, if bitey, little midget who...
started developing his flame points on his way out the door.

But this update isn't about him.

Florence grew from a teeny tiny moppet into...
a fearless explorer and...
the beauty queen that everyone clamored for once her photo hit Petfinder.

But this update isn't about her either.

Little Lionel worried his way through the baby stages before...
loosening up and learning to become the life of the party who...
was ready to head off on his own and take a big bite out of what the world had to offer.

But this update isn't about him either.

Willie Rae, our tabby girl with the big orange angel kiss on her forehead...
looked toward a bright future and found her way into a spectacular family.

But this update isn't about her either because, let's face it...
Every day is a Willie Rae update around here.

"Winner, winner, chicken dinner... Ruby's here to stay, Suckers!"
She's still crowing about her victory several months later :)

So if this update isn't about Clay,
and it's not about Florence,
and it's not about Lionel,
or Willie Rae...

This update MUST be about...

"ME!!!!!! Just get to it already, Lady!"
Itty Bitty Roxie, the seal point Siamese otherwise known as...
Roxie Blue Eyes, or...
Roxie Roker the Sister Poker left us within minutes of her arrival at adoption hours in November.

Would you recognize her now?

Look at little Miss Lynx Point... striped face, legs, and tail (with an orange tip on the end!)

Didn't we always know she would be simply stunning?

Roxie's mom wrote: "I have been meaning to send you some photos of  Roxie for a while, but time just flies by. Not sure if the photos do her justice. Roxie is gorgeous, with aqua to blue eyes that change color depending on the lighting, and she has tips of orange on her feet and tail. The one photo of her standing on the bookcase shows all her stripes. After a couple of try-outs for other names, Roxie just stuck. She is now affectionately Roxinator, Roxie-roo, Roxi-million and the list goes on. We are all absolutely in love iwth her! Having lived with our old cat for so many years before she passed away in the fall, we forgot the crazy antics of a young kitten; galloping full speed from the family room, using Mike's shoulder as a springboard to jump up and slide across the kitchen island and then down to go galloping to the living room is a common occurrence. So is running at break neck speed up the stairs and across the landing. She makes us laugh. Roxie loves to cuddle, lick our faces and carry her "woobie" toy around for us to throw to her (she acts more like a puppy). Her cuddling and purr is the best sleep remedy you could ever ask for."

ROO???? Aw... Roxie Rooooooo!

I do see a huge family resemblance in the facial structure, especially around the eyes.
What do you think?

Thank you so much for the incredible update! I'm so thrilled that Roxie is doing so well with her new family. Hearing these stories and seeing pictures of my babies makes everything I do worthwhile (Okay, it was worthwhile to begin with but I do consider these special updates my "tip" for good service. I may smile through the weekend.)


  1. Wow! She is a beauty. Of course all cats are beautiful, but still...

    Kelly, if you have a chance you might want to send Dr. Jen a quick email or FB note. She had to let Crash, the founding feline of Crash's Landing, cross the Rainbow Bridge last night and she is pretty wrecked over it. He was a very special boy who leaves an amazing legacy.

    1. I will definitely do that. Thanks for letting me know. Spanky and Crash gone on the same day... :(

  2. Roxie Roo what an awesome young lady you have become! I love your stripey tail! But I see the family resemblance in the nosie. ;)

  3. What a great update post today Kelly! Roxie is so stunning. Who would have thought that she would look like that with all the stripes? It was nice to see the others again too and yes the family resemblance is in the nose upper mouth area.

  4. What a beauty she is! So original and different from anything we're used to. And yes, I definitely see a resemblance with Ruby!

  5. they are the Roo sisters.. both kissed by an angel, one on the head the other on the tip of the tail! :)

    Beautiful update!!

  6. Another Roo??? Can you imagine the havoc they would wreak if together??? hahahaha. That Roxie is a cutie and what a great update!!

  7. Awww... Roxie was my favorite of this litter (don't tell Ruby). She has grown up to be simply stunning!

  8. What a great post, Kelly. I loved being reminded of all the others in the litter and how they developed while in your care before getting to the actual "news" of the post: the Roxie update. Wow, she's absolutely stunning! Her family is so lucky and she is too!

  9. So cool to see her growing up. When I first saw her I thought her face looks just like Ruby's!