Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The New Sofa

Our wonderful friend Connie over at Tails From the Foster Kittens sent us a wonderful gift last week. I had mentioned in the comments of a Facebook contest entry that Norman loves the corrugated cardboard scratchers and that I would love to win one for our old man. Connie introduced me to an app called Wrapp (it tickles me that it rhymes) and sent along a gift coupon to Fab, where I was able to get a new cardboard scratcher sofa for the kitties for free. To say they've enjoyed their newest piece of lounging equipment would be a complete understatement.

"Norman feels special, loved, and positively regal to have a new throne on which to recline and to ponder the meaning of life."

"This catnip pillow might come in very handy while Norman catches some Z's on the new sofa."

"Z's?? What Z's?? Where are the Z's?? Ruby doesn't see any Z's on the sofa!"

"What ARE Z's anyway?"

"Can Ruby catch the Z's in her mouth?? Do Z's taste tasty??"

"Why are you laughing at the Roo?? That's a bit impolite, don't you think??"

"Ruby will just show you the Back Of Disdain until you get better manners."

"It's about time they got off Simba's new sofa."

"Yes... Yes, it IS Simba's new sofa."

"It's MINE!! MINE!!"

"It's comfy and Simba's NOT getting off of it. So there."

"Wanna bet? Never underestimate the power of a Norman who wants to nap."

Thank you Connie
From the bottom of our furry little hearts.


  1. Awww!!! They all do seem to love it dearly! So cute!!

  2. hahaha....that looks awesome!!! you go Norman!

  3. How wonderful! Thank you to Connie from me because if not for her then you would not have had the opportunity to get gorgeous pictures of the cats.

  4. P.S. To Ruby, Z's come after Y's so now that you are done with the Y questions you should find those Z's very soon.

  5. You should so send that into Imperial Cat.. those are some awesome shots..

    Ruby, oh dear dear Ruby.. :)

  6. The Back of Disdain...ha ha ha my cats have shown me this on many occasions!

    1. Connie gets credit for that one. That was her reaction to the photo when I first sent it to her :)

  7. Score 1 for Age and Cunning over youth and beauty! Go Norman!
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp
    pee ess: your lady sure takes awesome pictures of you guys!

  8. I love the picture of Simba actually laying on the sofa -- but, still, good for Norman showing Simba and Ruby who is boss!