Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Travels With Charlie

We hadn't planned on taking the dog along on vacation. But when our pet sitter plans changed the week before we left, we decided to let Chuckles come along for our hiking trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. Below is his account of Charlie and Friends' Most Excellent Adventure:

Not sure WHY the people didn't want to bring the Chuck (TM) in the beginning. 
I really AM an excellent rider. I'm good enough... and smart enough...

And gosh darn it, I'm FUN too!!!

The Lady says "Sir Chucklehead acts like he never walked on a leash before."
The Lady says I have no manners. Hmph...
I respectfully beg to disagree.
The littlest kid LIKES getting pulled. She told me so.
Yanking her down the mountain path is POLITE if it makes her happy.
I only aim to please.

Dum de dum de dum...
Charlie likes to pull and hum.

The boy kid likes to wander ahead, so I kept him company.
See? I provided an invaluable service that they never would have been able to afford if they had left me at home. I even threw in the service of running him back to them on occasion to keep him properly exercised and healthy. 
YOU'RE WELCOME, LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dum dum di di dum di di DUM di di dum...


Dum di di dum di dum dum dum... DA DUUUUMMMMMMMM..."

Just in case it wasn't clear what I was going for...

Get it? Chuck's in the MOUNTAINS?? He's climbing HIGH now? Hee hee hee... Chuck slays himself!

The Mister SAID we were going on SPRING Break.
The snow makes it look kind of like winter. Just sayin'....

It's a WATERFALL!!!!
Chuck's an excellent swimmer... an excellent, excellent swimmer.
WHAT? I didn't go in, just making a factual statement.
I did read the sign before hiking the trail, you know.

Notice the US Forest Service says nothing about dogs jumping off the waterfall.
Acknowledgement of the superior skills of canines or gross negligence in the failure to adequately warn dogs of the imminent danger? Discuss.

I came. I saw. I conquered Spring Break.
Take THAT, family!

(Editor's Note: He WANTED to say that he came, he saw, he kicked some @$$...
but I'm too much of a lady to go allow that)

It was an intensely excellent adventure.

I'm already making plans for next year.


  1. What fun! I'm sure this unplanned (for him) trip will be remembered for his rest of his... "SQUIRREL!" Ah well. :)

    1. Oh nuts... I meant to insert that "SQUIRREL!" somewhere in the blog post too. Although I was rather pleasantly surprised that we didn't have any episodes of Charlie attempting to dislocate our shoulders by taking off after the local wildlife. There's always tomorrow, I suppose ;)

  2. The Chuckster is so eloquent when describing his adventures. He should put in all in a book. "IF" he did go after a squirrel it would of course be for the purposes of interaction and interview in said book. *So Squirrel, how do you like being able to roam the outdoors of the Carolinas at any time day or night of your own free will, not bound by a leash or any human restrictions? How is it hunting for your food instead of being fed lovely morsels in a fancy dish 2-3 times a day?*

    1. He's surprisingly articulate for an 80-pound ball of goof, isn't he?

  3. A most excellent adventure Sir Chuck!!! We vote you get to go on every vacation from here on out.

    *BTW - have you ever tried a leash called a weiss walkie with him? Helps with the pulling....mom keeps one in her car (not sure why she has dogs leashs when she has cats, but that is another story).

  4. Yay! Sounds like great fun was had by all BECAUSE you went along on the trip, Charlie! I think we all know you're the life of the party, in ANY setting. :D


  5. Thanks for the tip, Random Felines - I had never heard of the Weiss Walkie, but am definitely going to look for one (after watching a quick YouTube video that demonstrated it)! I have a harness for my pooch, and it did make a big difference initially; but here we are six years later, and it's been years since I walked her, rather than her walking me! :)

  6. Dogs & cars; a match made in heaven. Spent half my 'kid' life traveling north; 5 kids & 1 wet spaniel, in the back of a station wagon. That crazy dog always wet and so happy! Don’t get me wrong cats Rock! But nobody travels as well as a dog with his peeps. I love Charlie’s smile.

  7. I'm so glad Charlie got to go on the trip and that he shared his excellent adventure with us! Is Ruby jealous?

  8. Now THAT was a most excellent adventure! What a beautiful place to vacation for all of you. We hope you were paid well for all the work you did... some green papers, or at least some nommy biscuits?
    Harry, Dexter and Tipp