Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's hoping you had a day full of fun and helpful family members.

But maybe not this helpful.

"Was Max not supposed to do that?"

"Hmm... Shall Max try the contrite face, the cute face, 
or the 'Max owns the joint, so step off' face?"

Our quiet day at home consisted of five loud family members, an overly "helpful" kitten, a senior cat who nearly stole the fork out of my hand at dinner, and a dog who made off with the drumstick while we were packing up leftovers. The Roo hid upstairs from all of our uproar. You know, just your ordinary, average Thursday.

Wishing you a happy, safe, and warm Thanksgiving weekend with those you love. I'll be back late on Sunday with a pretty stupendous story. (If you follow us on Facebook, you might... just might... get a preview throughout the day)


  1. Yep, Normie's spirit hovers on the fringes of that precious kitty. <3
    I look forward to watching her grow up. :)


    1. Exactly what I was thinking too! She's channeling Norm.

  2. Sounds like a typical Thursday! Happy Thanksgiving to your family from ours.

  3. :) Happy Thanksgiving to all the gang!

  4. You do understand that cats can not understand (or maybe do not hear) the words no or not.. if you want them not to do something, you need to phrase it with out using those two words..

  5. You go Norma Max! ;) There is nothing like having four-legged help in the kitchen!

  6. A belated Happy Thanksgiving to you -- isn't the Max looking grown-up now? Hope the Roo has emerged!