Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Meeting Mae

Look who's come out of hiding!

Mama Maisy Mae!

We've spent the past few days getting know Mae (and yes, I am singing a song from The King and I right now... you would expect differently?)

She's still a bit timid and shy, but coming around nicely. She likes to be held and snuggled and petted... and she purrs and purrs and purrs.

She briefly met her daughter this evening. Mae purred. Max hissed... brat.

Mae will be with us for at least the next few weeks while we finish her vetting and vaccination process. But if you're in love already, you can always start the paperwork process now.

You can read the beginnings of her adoption bio below:

Mae is a female spayed kitty who is approximately one year old. She became a mother early (probably close to 6 months old) and raised three spectacular children. She is a medium haired black cat with a small white area on her tummy and a big plumed tail. Her winter ruff around her neck is magnificent! I'm told her personality is much like her daughter Maxie's... much purring, very friendly and playful. She loves to be the center of attention and will definitely be a lap cat when she adjusts to her new home. She was ear-tipped at the time of spay, but otherwise shows no signs of being a "feral" cat. She will be up-to-date on all vaccines and vetting before we send her home.


A Quick Update:

Looks like it could be taken at my house, does it not?

But it wasn't... this is Garnet peeking out of her hiding spot in the den of her new house. She is adjusting slowly to the noise and activity level that her family's younger kids are exposing her to for the first time. I heard she spent Halloween night snuggled up to her new mama, though. Seeing that her eyes are big and round is a promising sign for me. You remember what she looks like when she's scared and grumpy, right?

A regular stink-eyed princess ;-)


  1. : )

    By the way, I am Joyce on your Facebook friends, I was just too lazy to set up another user name here.

  2. Mae is so pretty, I have a feeling she's going to find a home very soon after she settles down and relaxes and realizes the idea of being an indoor kitty is splendiferous compared to life on the mean streets.

    Also... could Garnet be any cuter??? GAWD.


  3. This is all so exciting... sweet, purring Mae and Miss Garnet and her round eyes!!

  4. Gosh she is darn adorable. purrs she comes around soon..

    and darn it all if Miss Garnet doesn't' look right at home.

  5. Pssst... when you don't post, I go through withdrawal. :(