Sunday, November 3, 2013

Updates Will Have to Wait

I know I promised you updates from our recently adopted kittens. They exist and they are coming. But I teased something on Facebook on Sunday morning and this news trumps an update... any day, any time.

The foster room is no longer as empty as it was last week. It looks empty because the newest resident found the hiding spot underneath the white upholstered chair. I know she's been out and about... food has been eaten, toys played with, litter box used. But she's not interested in making your acquaintance just yet.

Good thing I already have pictures of her from before she moved in...

Do you remember this face?

Perhaps if you saw this photo of her with her son?

It's Mama Mae!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, All-the-Way Mae (mama to our All Star kittens) is the newest resident of my front foster room. It seems she's not so feral after all. After moving into the kitten catcher's colony, she has become friendlier and friendlier. She not only demands attention, but insists upon affection. She started allowing herself to be petted and then held. So during Halloween week, a week that isn't exceptionally safe for all black cats who live outside so close to Detroit-proper, the kitten catcher just picked her up and brought her inside.

She's been vetted, tested (double negative---YAY!), vaccinated, and loved. She's here until we find the most amazing, very special home for her. More on that later. For now, I'll settle for her being held without trembling. It's coming. I can feel it.

Maybe tomorrow she'll let me photograph her instead of using old pictures from the colony.


  1. OH YAY!!! She's so pretty and it's awesome that she's going to be adoptable! Super job!


  2. awwww - she's lovely (sort of looks like my Shadow) I'm glad she's going to find a real home of her own.

  3. Replies
    1. Actually, the first time that I heard Mae purr was when she was looking out the glass door at Maxie. I don't know if it's because she has any memory of her, or if Maxie reminds her of Daddy Maxwell (who has moved into the colony now), or because she's a very social cat and was happy to see a potential friend. But I anticipate introducing them to each other this week to see how it goes.

  4. So exciting. I can't wait for Mama Mae and Maxie's meet and greet! Many thanks for the update and for your concern for these wonderful creatures.

  5. She's just as beautiful as her children!!

  6. Aww Mae is a beauty!! I know with your love and care she'll be ready for her forever family in no time!

  7. YEAH!!! Can't wait to see if she loves on Max!!

  8. Yay Mae!!! Welcome.....and paws crossed for that wonderful home to come quick!

  9. Hooray for Mae! I hope she finds her own forever home soon!

  10. She is beautiful. We trapped a black beauty last week while TNRing a feral colony. She is tame and loving so we're looking for a forever home. Wow, this adoption stuff is hard! Everyone is full-up. Sigh! I thought the hard part was watching a baited trap until the wee hours of the morning. No way, Networking with humans, much tougher. I'm impressed with all your efforts.