Thursday, November 14, 2013

Look Who's Here!

And we're thrilled to have her back!

Sometimes adoption placements just don't work out. Garnet is back with us and happy to be home. This move is for the best. Her purr motor has yet to turn off since her arrival. We're going to spend the next few days loving on her and putting together a plan to find her the best placement possible the next time around. 

We will be keeping her here through Thanksgiving for rest and recuperation while she finishes a course of antibiotics and puts a bit of meat back on her bones. She will be available to the right home at the beginning of December. If you've always been a Garnet lover, and perhaps regretted not making a move on bringing this little splotch-head into your home, this may be your chance.  We can start a conversation at teenytinytabbies (at) gmail (dot) com.

Mae's not certain she approves of her new roommate yet

She looks rather appalled at the very thought of it, doesn't she?


If you're in the New York/New Jersey area and looking for a friend, look no further than Gail's beautiful baby boys. Three months old and ready for a home. Such a variety pack that there's bound to be a color and personality to suit your needs. Contact me at the above e-mail address for more information and I'll pass your message along to Gail.

**Uncle Bitters not included.


  1. More cats usually means less food.. So give Mae an extra snack and she'll be oh so happy

  2. She looks like she's saying, I thought I was done with children LOL! She's so pretty. A feminine version on my Bear.

  3. awww.... poor baby Garnet... give her lots of nubbins and nibbles! and smooch the splotch for me!

    Mama Mae is so pretty that it even shines thru her grumpy face! I want to boop her nose!


  4. Here's hoping that Mae and Garnet take comfort in each other. Sending virtual scritches their way. Thanks, Kelly -- and good luck to Gail's crew.

  5. that Mae sure is adorable. and glad that they called to get Garnet back with you.

  6. Oh, I'm sorry Garnet's placement didn't work. Poor little girl, though I'm happy she's back with you and Mae. (Even if Mae doesn't look too happy about it!)

    Enjoy your time together.

  7. And what does Garnet think of Mae...? If her purr motor is so strong, I'm thinking she must not be too bothered? :)

  8. Oh no! But it must mean that bigger and better things are ahead for my Garnet! I'm so glad she is back for some R & R with you first though.