Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Big Brave Belle Mayweather

I peeked through the glass door to the front foster room to see that someone had come out from under the chair.

I was afraid she would run for the hills so I took the first photo through the glass.

When I came through the door, Belle eyed me warily but stood her ground.
(Held her ground? Laid down on her ground? Held her box? Something like that.)

"You stand your ground right over there, Lady."

"Put the finger down, Lady."

Big Brave Belle got around. She tested the cat bed and checked out the shelves.

"We already had this discussion, Lady. Belle stands here. You stand THERE."

"We've also had the finger discussion. Your finger stays with you... over there."

"Don't get any closer!"


"Watch your manners, Lady. Belle doesn't like you THAT much!"


  1. LOVE these photos! What a brave girl Belle is going to become! Purrs...

  2. Such a brave sweetheart!


  3. You can't see me, I'm in this box..

    And don't forget, hisses mean kisses.. Belle is due for a couple of them, :)