Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ruby Tuesday

"You may THINK it's Ruby Tuesday. But Roo is not cooperating with you, Lady."

"No, the Roo thinks she shall not be looking at your clicky camera thing today."

"Or any other day either, for that matter."

"Ruby saw those kittens you're hiding, you know."

"The Roo is so... so... so DISAPPOINTED in you, Lady."

"Roo thought we had an understanding here."

"RUBY is the baby."

"Nope, not talking to you."

"Not looking at you either."

"Roo even covered up her phone number so you can't call her."

"Perhaps we'll talk again when THEY'RE gone."


Graham will look at the camera for you, though.

He'll even purr while he's doing it.


  1. Hi there Ruby Roo!! (Some days are better than others, eh?)

    Aww, Graham... what a sweet-looking orange lad you are :)

  2. P.S. I like the evening postings! Something to look forward to :)

  3. GAAHHH. Ruby needs smooches on all of her orange-y bits. So cute! And Graham? Well, isn't he just the handsomest li'l thing. I love the darker orange bits of him. ORANGE IS WHERE IT'S AT, BABY!


  4. Aww, ((hugs)) to Ruby. Please explain to her that like all children she will always be your baby but she is not "A" baby anymore. She is the big girl now and yes there are new babies. I would also give her extra kisses and take her to Petsmart or "whatever the equivalent of the arcade is" for cats.

  5. Oh Ruby, you will ALWAYS be the baby.. and the star of my heart.. *blows kisses*

    You are so more awesomer than Graham..

  6. Poor Roo - you are still the baby.....

  7. Awwww, Miss Ruby. You are a gorgeous lady. True confession time: I REALLY liked the teal starburst on your tag and was wondering where I could one like it for my guys when I realized ... it's nothing more than a much prettier blue dot! Duh.... :)

  8. Miss Ruby 'Tude, you know we love you!

    Graham's coat just amazes me. I've never seen such vivid swirls! I hope they don't get muted as he grows up.