Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Watchers

Miss Garnet Mayweather has requested a postponement in her special day on the blog. She's feeling a bit hissy and uncooperative at the moment. While we work on improving her disposition, Teeny Tiny Tabby Town presents...

The Watchers

I always feel like...

Somebody's watching me-e-e-e-e-eeeeeeeee!

And I have no privacy...


Who's watching me?

"Upstairs Mama" is becoming more and more "On the Stairs Mama" as the weeks progress. She sits on the stairs and watches through the banister spindles. On one very important morning, her feet touched the first floor. She marched all the way to the kitchen and demanded her breakfast along with the chorus of other cats in the house. And then she ran back upstairs to show me her empty bowl. Progress comes in small steps (and stairs, apparently) but I don't expect to be calling her "Downstairs Mama" any time soon.

Someone else is feeling a tad bit on display.

"Perhaps if he didn't hide in the clear box, he would have more privacy...
Poor little fluff brained kitten."

But the kitten doesn't have any box but clear, so...

They always feel like...
Somebody's watching them ;)

I'll see what I can do to bring you a weekend edition starring Garnet. As soon as I can convince her that I'm not always watching her, that is.


Available for Adoption

Meet Myles.

Myles is a foster cat who lives in my vet clinic. He lived there as a kitten before being adopted into what he thought was his forever home. Through no fault of his own, Myles is back at the vet clinic looking for a forever, forever home this time. 

He tends to get overlooked because it's kitten season, and kittens get adopted faster than adult cats. But Myles is a spectacular young fellow who deserves a home of his very own. 

Myles is one-year-old... playful, rambunctious, and a kitten in his own mind. He loves playing with the kittens in the clinic. He's well-adjusted and tolerant of the many dogs that come in and out through the door. He's also pretty darn tolerant of my playing with his toes while he was trying to sleep. 

Myles is currently living in Macomb Township, Michigan. If you would like more information on Myles or how to contact his caretakers, you can e-mail me at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com. I'd be happy to put you in touch.


  1. Hmmmm, is he a little related to Looney Jake? ; )

    1. He does look like he has a touch of the loon, doesn't he?

    2. My thought EXACTLY!!

      Clarice is SO beautiful....!!

  2. Good luck Miles! You are very handsome...

    Clarice-you are getting very brave and we are proud of you. We know your family is out there...they just dont know it yet.

  3. Kelly-It's lovely to be able to finally catch up with you and the new kittens. I am still away but have enough internet now to be able to read the blog. I love the kitten names-well done to all! I was also thinking Myles does have a bit of the loon in him. Oh and tell Clarice, thanks for the earworm and "nothing ventured, nothing gained".

  4. Upstairs Mama, come on down! (Said in my best Bob Barker voice!)

    Myles is a stunning boy!! I hope he finds his real forever home soon!!

    Oh, and happy 1st year blog anniversary!!

  5. Hey Kelly, quick question...I was wondering if you could add one of those calendar linky things like Robyn has so searching the archives would be a little easier?