Friday, June 7, 2013

Phew! It's Friday!

As you can see, we're just slightly exhausted here.

"Sigh... I can't believe the Lady decorated me and posted it for everyone to see. Can't the Chuck just take a nap without being covered with multi-colored stars?"

There's a reason for our exhaustion. My younger daughter turns 12-years-old today. The child who has always known exactly what she wants (to the point of planning her Halloween costumes 11 months and 30 days in advance) fell into a rather indecisive mood over the past couple of weeks. As she was telling me, "Never mind, I'll just have a regular round chocolate cake," her eyes fell onto a photo of her best friend's birthday cake (Note: Best friend turned 12 on Tuesday). An inspiration was born.

At 4:30 p.m. on the day before her birthday, my daughter decided that she wanted a dragon cake... a fire-breathing dragon cake... a purple fire-breathing dragon cake... and we had a school event at 5 to attend. From 7 until 11:30, I baked, cut, pieced, frosted, and decorated. Thank heavens for the Instructables website and this fabulous step-by-step tutorial. Otherwise, I would have been in the kitchen until the day after her birthday.

Since I worked in the kitchen through the evening, I don't have a regular blog-post full of kittens for you. But I do have dragon cake.

You get to see it before she does, since she was in bed long before it was finished.

(If I had received more than a few hours notice, I might have been able to acquire Fruit Roll-Ups without the tattoos. Oh well.)

Wings made out of more Fruit Roll-Ups and barbecue skewers and cookie scales.


The Mayweathers have spent this busy week acquainting themselves with the traps. My friend had such a busy week that she hasn't been able to watch them in order to actually catch the kittens, but she has seen the kittens approaching the traps and playing nearby. She plans to spend the weekend monitoring and catching the munchkins. Just a few more days. I'll sound the alarm at Facebook when I hear they are caught.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Kelly - that is an AWESOME cake. Seriously - you are a wonderful mom for doing that with such late notice. And.... it's a DRAGON! :)

    Y'all have a fabulous weekend and get some rest!

  2. Thank you Kelly - I spewed coffee when I saw the first picture of Charlie and his modesty stars!!! Actually, they remind me of those adhesive "petals" you can buy to use in place of a bra. (But don't tell Charlie that - his dignity has suffered enough!)

    That is a great cake! And you know you have to send Robyn one for the Dragons. Maybe a belated baby shower for Khaleesi? :)

  3. Beautiful cake! She's a lucky girl.

  4. Poor Chuck :)

    Love the are a great mom! Good luck with the kitten catching...

  5. OMG, Kelly, I didn't know mothers still do that kind of thing. You are just amazing. I'm even more in awe of you than before... It's an amazing cake. Purple's my favorite color.

    The modesty flowers for Charlie are a crackup!! Made my day. Have a great -- and hopefully restful -- weekend.

  6. Not everyone does Facebook, just sayin!

    1. I realize that, but the fact is that I will reach more people quicker by posting there first. Especially since I'm rarely here on the blog over the weekends. Raising the alarm on Facebook tells people to start looking over here soon. That's all.