Monday, June 24, 2013

Twisted Sisters

Garnet loves her sister and runs to her for safety whenever that scary Lady is in the room.

"Save me, Belle! Save me!"


"Oh Belle... Garnet is so sorry! The Lady is so scary that Garnet lost control of her sensibilities.  Let Garnet kiss the paw to make it better!"

"Garnet lubs her sister!"

"Thank GOODNESS she's gone. Perhaps Belle can get some rest now."

"NOPE! Sorry! Hi Belle! Garnet lubs you!"

"A sister is your first and most important friend, you know!"

"WHAT?? She IS! She really is, you know!"

"Okay, okay, Garnet! Just hush up and go to sleep!"


"WHAT? You still here? We are SNOOZING! Go away now."


Someone else is snoozing too.

Although he takes up much more room when he does it.

Such a stud.


  1. Wow!! Those pictures of the two sisters are priceless!

    As for Simba, he looks so very PLUSH!

  2. Ooooo....want to scritch the orange belleh!!! Those girls are cuties. Am I the only one that wants to "beep" the orange spot on Garnet's head? Mol

    1. Scritching the orange belly is taking your life in your hands. At leat that particular orange belly. Graham is quite amenable to the belly scritching, though.

  3. Such cute pics of the Mayweather sisters. I am glad to be back to daily kitty blogs :) Sunday to Thursday or whatever day you can! By the way, I posed a question you may have missed because I was checking things on off days myself...Is it possible for you to do one of those calendar linky things like Robyn has so the archives are accessible by dates?

    1. I'll look into it. Might be the weekend before I have time to investigate fully, but I'll try.

  4. Oh my - now you'll have to adopt the two girls out together - how you could split them up? They are adorable. How's Graham?

  5. Awww the sweet twisted sisters! Come on Garnet...give the lady a chance!

    And lubs me some Simba belly!

    1. The good news is that she's coming around. Slower than her brother and sister, but she's getting there.

  6. The curled up paws on the orange dude are so irresistable!!

  7. Oh, I’ve got a blonde bombshell over here, too. Yup, I love my little surfer dude. Stud muffin, fursure!