Monday, June 17, 2013

Meet the Mayweathers

Our kitten namers have been hard at work picking out the perfect names for our trio of Mayweather Munchkins. After some mixing and matching and consulting with our kitten catcher, I am pleased to introduce...

Garnet Mayweather

Amy chose a superb name for the former Ruby Junior, who got herself a gem name to go along with the orange splotch on her forehead that matches her foster sister's. So now we have a pair of red gems in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town. :)

She's ever so pleased to meet you. Can you tell?

Garnet's big sister required a beautiful name to match her beautiful eyes, so it's completely perfect that Kathryn named her Belle.

Hello, Gorgeous.

She's even beautiful when she's annoyed with me.
Also... look at the toes on her back feet. One set of pink toes, one set of black.

Their big brother needed a stately name to fit his prestigious position in the family.

Graham Mayweather is a pretty big name to hang on a teeny tiny kitten,
but we think he's studly enough to pull it off.

Chris sent me a list of awesome names a million miles long to choose from. Our Graham almost ended up hyphenated with a string of names, but in the end we went for regal elegance (and since he IS the color of a graham cracker... ;) hee hee)

Garnet, Graham, and Belle are settling in nicely. They have spent quite a bit of time exploring their new digs (even though they scatter as soon as they sense someone coming into the room). Watching through the window, though, I've learned that Graham likes to swing from the upholstery; Garnet was the first up the new kitty tree; and Belle is a take charge sister who makes it her mission to keep her brother and sister in line. 

I have a short day at work Tuesday, so I'm hoping to spend more time in there with them that doesn't involve dragging an unhappy kitten out from under a chair. We're making good progress. Graham purred for the first time Monday night. I'm not sure he was happy about it, but he did it anyway.


  1. Great names! And their annoyed little faces just crack me up. :)

  2. Yay! Kitten naming is hard work but so worth it! Thanks for surprising me; I think Graham suits him nicely!

    (Please feel free to keep my list on-hand & pull from it if you ever need/want to. I'd be honoured if you liked one of the names enough to use it for another kitten.)


  3. Graham looks like he's going to be a "Chill" type of cat, once he gets use to people.

  4. great names.....we bet they come around in no time. And if not, mom says we can loan you "uncle" Tim...he is great with these kinds of scaredy kittens :)

  5. Yay for Garnet, Belle and Graham!!! Great names, if I do say so myself! ;) I look forward to getting to know the babies better as you bring them out of their shells!

  6. Love the names! They're all so adorable. When you and the kittens are ready Noelle would love to meet them.

  7. Aww, lovely names!! And this cracked me up:

    "I'm not sure he was happy about it, but he did it anyway."

    :) :) :)