Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thankful Thursday

They Want to Draw a Cat For Us!

A Sample from "I Want to Draw a Cat For You"

If you haven't heard of Steve from "I Want to Draw a Cat For You", where have you BEEN? My string of good luck continues. I followed up after winning the box of goodies from Jeanne at Random Felines with scoring a free cat drawing too! I never, ever, ever win anything so, needless to say, I am very excited!

If I understand correctly, I'll get to give Steve ideas of what I would like in the picture. He draws all sorts of cartoons of different cats in different situations. I could even tell them what clothes to put them in or what colors to us. Let's come up with the most awesome, incredible idea EVER for a drawing together.

My basic idea is that I want the drawing to be of Ruby leading the foster kittens in some sort of mayhem or mischief. She could be a drum major leading the band or a circus performer of some sort... crossing the tightrope ala The Mayweathers on the fence? Ruby and a bunch of kittens spilling out a clown car? Being shot out of a cannon? Go crazy and let me know your ideas in the comments.


So Thankful

That a cat who is THIS skinny is still with us and fighting to stick around. He's a bag of bones, but he's snuggly and affectionate and attentive and mostly "all there". He gives us a rough go of it from time to time, but he's still with us.

I am also thankful for the wonderful friends we have met through the blog who give us ideas and advice on how to deal with our old bag of bones and get him on the road to recovery.


  1. Kisses to Norman. :) It is hard when they get older....

    Love the idea of Ruby and a clown car full of kittens.

  2. I was thinking Ruby and the kittens flying off the stairs?? Or is that too close to reality? Maybe hang gliding instead! ;)

    1. NO STAIRS!! :)

      Clarice stuck her head through the spindles the other day. Just as I started to panic about another cat coming down, I remembered that she's too big to fit the rest of herself through them and relaxed ;)

  3. I love all the picture ideas so far. Congrats to you for winning :)

  4. purrs for Norman..

    The kitten jumped over the moon?? and the dish ran away with the spoon.. :)

    How about Miz Roo telling those kittens to GET OUT! of her house..

    or she could be Miss McGonagall giving them what for..

    1. Oh, I'm such a Potterphile that I'm considering a Hogwarts scene now:

      Ruby as MacGonagall putting the sorting hat on kittens?

      Ruby as Madam Hooch refereeing a Quidditch match?