Monday, October 14, 2013

A Moment With Miss Maxie

"Helloooooooo. Are you looking for a kitten?"

"A pretty kitten? A cute kitten? A fun kitten?"

"Well then, why aren't you looking at MAXIE?"

"Maxie is a kitten."

"Maxie is a pretty kitten."

"Maxie is a cute kitten."

"And Maxie has been WAY fun since the day she was born, you know!"

"You HUSH, Garnet! Maxie is TOO pretty, cute, and fun! And you'd better not be saying that Max isn't a kitten or she'll unsheath the paw o'doom on you!"


Miss Maxie Scherzer possesses, quite possibly, the biggest kitten personality to ever enter Teeny Tiny Tabby Town. She's a stick of dynamite in a teeny package. Not that she wants to be teeny... girlfriend can EAT (and eat and eat and eat some more). She is the kitten who lets everyone know, including me, that it's time for dinner. She's the first one to the plate. She's the only one on TOP of the plate. And she's the last one to leave after licking said plate completely clean so I can use it again (she's polite that way).

Little Miss Max prefers to be the center of attention...

At all times...

No matter what the others think about it.

Sometimes the others put her into her place.

But they usually just let her have her way because it's easier. We call this her "LOOK AT ME!" personality. No matter where your eyes may be, Max is always thinking "LOOK AT ME!" She clowns and purrs and begs until SHE is the center of your attention.

Maxie is a playful, never-ending bundle of energy. How she manages to play all day and pitch for the Tigers at night, I'll never know. 

Maxie is an exceptionally affectionate kitten. She holds the distinction of being the first to purr in this litter, for both the kitten catcher and myself. Not only that, but she holds some sort of record for a purring feral kitten... within hours of being brought inside. 

Max is the first kitten to greet me at the door, tail up and purring loudly enough to hear across the room. She is a fantastic leg rubber, ultimate snuggler, and loves to give kisses and be held like a baby. If you had a necklace for her to chew on, she'd never leave your arms (unless it's dinner time, that is).


Have you been missing a bit of Maxie in your life? Do you need a powerhouse of loving kitten to shower you with love and affection? Are you interested in having the potential 2013 American League Cy Young Award winner call your house home? Don't delay. Tell me TODAY! You can send me a message through the Facebook page or at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com. Or you can come see Max at our regularly scheduled adoption events on the weekends. Check with me and find out how!


  1. we have NO IDEA how anyone could resist Maxie!!!!

  2. Her FUN photo is one of our favorites, ever, of a fostered kitten. Why hordes of people aren't running to adopt her right now is beyond us.

  3. That "paws up y'all" picture (7th one down) from the early days still cracks me up!

  4. I love the second picture on the cat tree where Maxie put herself in front of everyone - they sure are giving her a group stink-eye! :) My Trixie likes attention just like Maxie. She'll all but crawl up your leg if you don't pay attention to her when she wants it!