Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bring On The Funny

That blankety-blank llama has been here all afternoon and into the evening.

I'm choosing not to deal with today. 

I have a feeling my face looked like this for much of the day.

Or perhaps it looked like this.

Or maybe even this.

My kids might say it looked like this too.

It's been a day and a half... or a year and a half... not sure which.

So, because I need the laugh. I'm bringing on the funny. Feel free to link your own funnies in the comments or post them to our Facebook wall.

Actually, this is what Charlie said to me today. 
What he was really saying was "Don't look behind the bed"
You don't want to know what was there.

That's what Miggy said.

Says Max... It not only looks like her, but acts like her too.
Teeniest kitten in the room is the biggest, most voracious eater of the bunch.

Catnip, my Aunt Fanny. They're looking for bacon... and they finished it too.

What happened after I got home and found them on the counter ;)

Good thing the cats are cuter than my lamps.

Is it cookie season yet? I would totally eat a box of Tagalongs right now.

Says the cat who watches me in the shower.

He might be right after the government shut itself down.
I'm kidding... kind of... yeah, I'm kidding ;)

What I'm hoping tomorrow looks like.

My thanks to my daughter and I Can Has Cheezburger for the laughs. I knew I was saving them for something important.


  1. Thanks for the laughs Kelly, and ((hugs)) back to you.

  2. As soon as I opened your site, I said "Oh no, the Drama Lama! What happened?!" I hope today is much better and that the laughs helped!

  3. I would imagine, with teenagers in the house, that a visit from the drama llama is almost a daily occurrence!

    1. I have fabulous kids, but you would be imagining correctly. ;)

  4. Oh no, the drama llama! I like llamas and all, but for your sake I hope today is drama llama free :)

  5. :) it will get better....besides, there are kitten antics to be had (trust me, there were more antics here than I needed last night)