Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Goodbye Girls

On Saturday, I arrived at our rescue's adoption event with three little girls who were looking for their forever home.

They look thrilled to be there, don't they? This is their normal adoption event behavior. Snooze with their paws outside of the cage and pretend that they're not interested in meeting anyone.

"Princess Torii won't look at you. You don't look at Princess Torii. Then Princess Torii goes home and forgets she was ever here... Deal?"

Apparently, that deal was not to be honored this weekend. By the end of the afternoon, we had met a wonderful couple, approved an application, and on Sunday we said goodbye to Princess Torii.

Our pretty girl went to the perfect home with a mom and dad that love her very much and an older kitty to show her the ropes. 

We planned to complete the adoption during Sunday afternoon's store event. Normally, adoptions are emotional and seem to take forever to accomplish. Torii's went by in the blur, however. Within seconds of my arrival, (while I was still pushing a cart down a PetSmart aisle that contained a large carrier with three kittens inside, a tote bag full of their necessities, a camera bag, and a purse), I heard these incredible words: "This family is here to meet Garnet."

"Who, ME?"

This family had come to the store Saturday evening and explained to one of our volunteers that they were looking for an older tabby kitten to fill a void in their family. They had recently lost their tabby girl to cancer and both the family and their boy kitty were grieving and looking for companionship. The volunteer directed them to our blog, where they fell in love with Garnet.

They met Garnet and Belle, and a miracle happened. My normally brave and outgoing girl who turns frightened, nervous, and anti-social in the store was putty in their hands. She accepted attention, allowed herself to be held, even permitted being held on her back like a baby while getting her chin and belly rubbed. She not only allowed it, but she loved it. A match was made, an application was submitted, and Garnet will be going home to her new family on Monday. She will have a mom and dad, a human brother and sister, and a kitty brother who is waiting to romp and play with her.

While Garnet's new family was filling out their paperwork, another family arrived looking for a quieter, snuggly kitten to share their lives. They looked at some smaller, younger, and livelier kitties before setting their gaze on Belle.

They loved her markings, loved her quiet nature and soulful eyes, asked all of the right questions and (before I knew it) asked to fill out an application to adopt her. Before they left, they consulted every expert in the store, filled up a cart with items just for her, and went on their way home to prepare a special room for her arrival. When Belle goes home on Monday, she will have her own mom and dad, two human sisters and a human brother. She will be an only kitty, which just might be the perfect situation in which our quieter, shyer sister can brightly shine.

It's amazing how the universe sends the right people at the right time. While it seemed these girls had been with us for far too long, it was simply because their families hadn't been looking for them yet. 

We still have Garnet and Belle in the house for one more night, so we'll be doing lots of snuggling, playing, and celebrating before we send them on their way. 

This little girl moves into the main house where she belongs on Monday night.

Fosterless? Perhaps. Perhaps not, though. Stay tuned.


  1. Oh, hooray!! I'm so glad all these beautiful girls found the right homes for them. :)

  2. Well, yay to the yay yay yay! I knew the Universe would send the right people eventually.

  3. It's tough to be patient with the Universe sometimes, but it's always the right thing to do. Hooray for happy endings all around!

  4. Woohoo! So happy for you and all the new families and old/new kitties.

  5. Amazing -- and ideal -- news. All your hard work with these girls was So Very Worth It; what a superb way to start the week. Many congratulations to all parties involved, and I hope the new families will have agreed to update you at least twice monthly!!!

  6. I hope Belle gets to take her box to her new home with her. :)

  7. What a wonderful awesome weekend! Enjoy your last evening with those beautiful girls, and congratulate yourself on a job well done, yet again!

  8. In our house we call a kitteh "finding their people". Its when a shy one suddenly comes out of their shell for their new adoptive parents on the spot. Its always amazing to watch.

  9. Wow, so happy that they all had their forever families come to the adoption event on the same weekend.

  10. I agree with Anna! It's always awesome to watch a kitten pick their family!

  11. Great news! So glad each of those beauties found their forever homes!!

  12. Awww, such great news!


  13. happy and sad at the same time...but mostly happy it all worked out!!!

  14. Oh my gosh - has it really hit you yet?? But I am so happy for all the girls and their new homes. And I hope Garnet's family takes especially good care of my little gem!
    Safe travels babies!!

    And keep the camera ready to show us Maxie's adventures as she explores her "new" home! ;)

  15. Oh!!!! May all three sweet girls live long and prosper in their new homes.

    I am SO happy!!!!

    I might be crying too. But in a good way :)

  16. YAY YAY YAY!! what wonderful adoption stories. I will confess I thought the girls went home together and I was so happy, but hearing these stories are even better..

    Congratulations to their new owners.. (including you)

  17. I admit I have tears in my eyes. Not only am I thrilled that each of the kittens found their very special forever homes, but I'll miss seeing their photos and hearing of their antics! Good work!!