Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What Kittens Do When Your Back Is Turned

"Look exceptionally handsome? Is that what kittens do when your back is turned, Lady?"

No, Miggy... although you ARE very good at looking handsome.

I was thinking more about the floor around you.

swear this room was clean when I left here for work this morning.


1. Kitten dishes moved into the middle of the room.

2. Rug upon which the kitten dished used to sit also moved into the middle of the room.

3. Cushions pulled off the tipped over chair.
(At least they didn't tip over the chair to begin with)

4. Arm rest covers similarly strewn.

5. Cat beds relocated and flipped over.


"Sheesh, Lady... This place is a MESS!"

"How did THAT happen?"

"Princess did NOT do it!"

"You don't think it was Garnet, do you Lady?"

"Well, it couldn't have been Garnet! Garnet is so wide-eyed and innocent!"

"Belle's got eyes, too!"

"Just because they're not in focus, doesn't make them any less innocent."

Good thing they're cute because this gang is a five kitten wrecking crew...

And they're not sorry, either.


  1. I'm relieved to hear that the chair was already tipped over! At first I was wondering how they managed to do that! Although I'm sure there is no limit to the amount of wreckage these five can do when they put their minds to it.

  2. They are quite the wrecking crew!

  3. Bad kitties, bad kitties, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the Roo get you?

    Or maybe I should say "When the lady gets you" since we know the Roo is a chicken-butt! :)

  4. ha ha ha ha ha ha.. you think THAT is a mess?? I've got six kittens over here that could school you in what a mess really is.. ;)