Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Three Sweet Girls

To the tune of a popular nursery rhyme


Three sweet girls

Three sweet girls

They need a home


They're quiet and loving and don't eat much

They give lots of love and they rarely fuss

They will enrich your life with lots of hugs

My three sweet girls



Garnet, Belle, and Princess Torii are three extra-sweet, extra-loving, extra-playful, extra-affectionate, extra-special kittens who are long overdue in finding their forever homes.

We've wracked our brains to figure out what is holding off potential adopters. 

It can't be their looks. Have I mentioned how drop-dead gorgeous these girls are? 

It can't be their personalities. Unless there are people out there who don't like sweeter-than-candy kittens. But these people can't possibly exist, can they?

It can't be their health history. Who would not appreciate receiving a kitten who has been fully vetted, received all of its vaccines, and has already been spayed? 

It can't be their size. They're kittens... still fun-sized! Although they are getting bigger by the day... which is why we want them to find their forever homes before they are squeezed out in the market by smaller-but-not-cuter kittens.

So the kitten catcher and I debated marketing tactics. We thought about going the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee route and offer "Lunch With The Roo" for anyone who visits Teeny Tiny Tabby Town and adopts one of our girls. But then we remembered who we are talking about...

Potential adopters who visit my house would be more likely to engage in a rousing game of  "Play Hide and Seek With The Roo" followed by "Chase The Ruby Blur Throughout The House"

Without Ruby's cooperation, we're left with bribes. The rescue is holding a super-special adoption event this weekend. All adoptions which are approved from applications received between now (yes Jan Brady... right this very now) and next Sunday October 27th will receive a very special gift package from that kitten's foster mom. So yes... if you adopt a kitten from my house, you will receive a gift from ME! Your kitten will take home very special items from Teeny Tiny Tabby Town, ones that they treasure and consider "important". Saving you money and making your kitten feel "at home" from the moment they arrive? Yep, I'm working it for you.

Now, let's get to adopting already!


  1. Best wishes to the three! I am disqualified due to location and the fact that Oreo gets very hissy with some people. I am not sure how she would do with another kitty friend.

  2. I so wish I could help out, but like the majority, if not all, of your devoted readers, my current brood won't brook any new siblings. Fingers crossed for this beautiful bunch whom you've worked so hard on.

  3. "Test applicants on blog knowledge" -- hahah!! A perfectly reasonable condition :)

  4. Awwww.... wish I could! Also, I had to sing aloud to "Three Sweet Girls."