Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Holding Pattern

We're not quite certain how to feel tonight as our All Stars' namesake Detroit Tigers are on the brink of playoff elimination.

"They kind of stink like these feet, Lady."

"Max doesn't WANT to pitch tonight. Max wants to pitch THURSDAY!"

(Okay, that's what the Lady wants... Max to pitch on Thursday.)

"Well, Miggy just got a hit. Your turn, Princess."

(For the uninitiated, Miguel Cabrera hits immediately before Prince Fielder in the Tigers' lineup.)

Things might be looking up around here.

(Okay, this isn't a great picture but it DOES showcase Princess's soul patch).

Only time will tell if we look like this later:

"WooHOO! YEAH! We did it, Tigers!"

Or like this:

"Who cares? It's not like Garnet's on the team anyway. Harrumph!"

"Wake Belle up when it's over."


"Hey Belle! Belle! Wake up. It's over! TIGERS WIN!!!!!!!"

The human Max Scherzer pitched two relief innings of intense baseball for the win and the Tigers take the series to a 5th and deciding game on Thursday.

If Justin Verlander pitches like Justin Verlander and takes us to the next round of the playoffs, this little girl's name will officially become Maxie Justine. We haven't consulted her and don't quite care what she thinks about it... but we think she'll approve.


  1. Yay Tigers!! Maybe all the napping in the sunbeams helped their human counterparts.

  2. Really surprised (but pleased) that they won! When Leyland ran the same lineup out there I figured they were done.

    1. I wasn't terribly pleased that they brought Peralta back, but I'm changing my tune. We just need to get Miggy and Prince hitting now.

  3. wow.. that picture of Miggy on the floor reminds me of Norman..

    1. Really? Because I was thinking that one of Maxie looked just like him (it's all in the eyes)

  4. Watching the game last night when Leyland brought Scherzer in, I could only think-no, he's supposed to pitch Thursday!! But.......the Tigers had to GET to Thursday and he got them there. I love Justin (even as a Rays fan (boo!); let's hope he brings the 2012 version of himself.