Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Eeny Meeny Miney...

How on earth do you go about choosing a new kitten for your family? Especially when presented with a good looking and incredibly sweet bunch like the ones that live in my foster room? Well, it's just lucky for you that I am here to play matchmaker and help you to find the perfect kitten for your home.

Take Garnet for example...

Sure, she looks squinty and distrusting and a bit grumpy (and maybe that angle plays on the blog for fun from time to time). But in reality?

Garnet is a wide-eyed, trusting, affectionate kitten who is full of fun and absolutely perfect for an active family.

Our Garnet is the first kitten at the door to say hello when I arrive. Her gigantic purr and frenetic leg rubs express ten tons of love coming out of one teeny tiny body.

She's also the first to play when the toys come out from their hiding spots (and often the first to put them back underneath the tables and furniture and kitty beds too).

And while she's playful on her own, what she really wants is to play with you.

Or your clothes... no drawstring escapes her attention.

Feather teasers have been a favorite since she was very small.

She jumps and flips and flops after those feathers for as long as the feathers are willing to move. And when the feathers are done moving?

She collapses into a heap on the floor and...

Pants like a puppy dog.

Her sense of adventure knows few boundaries. Garnet spent most of her younger days climbing the old ratty curtains in the foster room and napping on the curtain rod over the door. (Psst... keeping her nails trimmed also keeps her closer to the floor, but Garnet's new family will definitely want to invest in a climbing tower to give her an appropriate roost from which to survey her world).

Garnet is a friend to all, whether it be another kitten...

Or a big goofy dog...

Or her favorite person (or people).

And have we discussed how absolutely stunningly drop-dead gorgeous Garnet is?

"No, Lady... Garnet does not believe we have discussed that yet."

Our Garnet is a beautiful spotted tabby, with striking stripes upon her legs and the most glorious splotch of orange across her forehead.

She is absolutely okay with it if you kiss that splotch, in fact... she's come to expect it.

And if you're exceptionally lucky, you'll get a kiss from her in return.

So if you're looking for an engaging...



Adventuresome and...

Hilariously funny kitten with which to spend your life...

Why not choose Garnet?

"Yeah... Why not choose Garnet?"

Or even better?

Take two. They're small :)

If you have room in your heart and life for Garnet and would like to discuss the possibility of adding her to your home, you know where to find me (in the comments or at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com).  

And if Garnet isn't right for your home, why not share her story with someone else? 

Garnet Mayweather is located in suburban Detroit, Michigan but we might be willing to transport her out of the area for just the right family. What matters most is that you will love our girl as much as we do.


  1. Great post about that cutie-patootie!


  2. She's adorable, as is her sister. I hope they both find forever homes soon...whoever takes them will be so darned fortunate. It won't be me though, as I live far too far away and my three are sufficient!

  3. Oh Garnet and Belle...where is your family?!