Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey Now, They're the All Stars

It had recently been brought to my attention that I had not published a photo of all three of our All Star kittens since August. You know, when they looked like this:

Awwww... the babies

It's not as if I haven't been taking pictures of them. I've gotten group photos...

Four pretty girls, but where's Miggy?

Here he is with Belle...

And Maxie...

And Princess...

And Garnet...

He apparently likes his ladies one at a time.

And the girls?

Well, they're not so great at sitting together and posing either ;-)

So with mission accepted, I went into the foster room with camera in hand and woke up some sleepy kittens (thinking sleepiness might encourage sitting still... maybe... )

They might have been a tad grumpy at being awakened early from their afternoon slumber.

Just a little bit though ;-)

Gotta get these family portraits while we still have the chance...


  1. Oh I hope that means some forever homes are in the offing!

    And go Tigers! Let's hope juggling the lineup will wake up those bats.

    1. Perhaps... but that's all I'm willing to say at the moment :)

      Tigers are looking good tonight!!!!

  2. Lovely photos! And how's dear Ruby?

    1. Dear Ruby is doing wonderfully (and might be a bit put out that she has not been featured lately on the blog... I will have to remedy that soon)

  3. Must not fall in love with little plush "tigers" - it makes it harder to be mad at the way this game is going lol.

    1. I refuse to wear red socks (or even pink socks). We've all got to have boundaries ;)

  4. Sleepy kittens?? what's that? All I get are beasts running around at the speed of mew..

  5. Have to admit, when we saw the first line last night on facebook, we though maybe someone had brought to your attention that we are being tortured by 90s such luck MOL