Friday, October 18, 2013

Home Run

I grew up listening to legendary Tigers' radio announcer Ernie Harwell calling games. I can still hear his home run call in my head... "Long gone!"  Well, our first All Star isn't quite "long" gone. But he's made his run for home.

Bye bye, baby.

Miggy met his new mama this afternoon and went home a couple hours later with a cart full of brand new kitty stuff that he will never have to share with sisters. He will have two dog brothers and a human brother along with a mom and dad to love. 

It was difficult to say goodbye, as always. The kitten catcher left tears on the top of his head. But we know that he and his new family will be giving each other a lifetime of happiness. Happy life, sweet boy.


Miggy might be gone, but his sisters are still here. One of them is already spoken for (that story will come another day), but if you fancy adding one of these girls to your family you can find them at the Chesterfield MI PetSmart store on Saturday from noon to 3 p.m.  Or just drop me a line at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com.  

Hurry before your favorite is "long gone".


  1. Wonderful news about Miggy, I hope the girls find their forever homes soon too! Look at those adorable!

  2. Oh!!!! How wonderful... I'm so happy for our Miggy! I hope he is adjusting well to his new home... yay!!

  3. Oh Miggy. I will miss seeing his cute face, but I am so glad he found his forever home!

  4. Congrats Miggy!!! Love Torii in that last picture :)

  5. all of the best kittens leave with tears on their heads..

  6. Miggy's new family is very lucky. I hope you informed them that updates are in order!

  7. There will never be another one like Ernie. Although if you ever get a chance to hear Jon Miller (I think he does the Seattle games, used to do ESPN Sunday night baseball) he is a worthy successor. He even quotes Ernie sometimes, with proper attribution. :-)

    And yay for Miggy finding his forever home! Let's see if the girls find theirs soon and the Tigers win tonight. That would be a good day!