Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Breakout Queen

Or perhaps it's The Breakout Princess?

"Hmm... this lever thing-a-mah-bob seems to be the key to freedom, Maxie.
Maybe, just maybe, if Princess pushes this way while sticking her tongue out in the other direction...."

"Juuuust a little wiggle and a squeeze...."

"Okay, so that didn't work like Princess expected...
Let's just have a closer look at the handle, shall we?"

"And now a little sniff..."

"Look out, Maxie! Princess will gnaw our way to freedom!"

Well, things did not go exactly as Princess had planned.
But hijinks were had by all once that door was opened anyway.
More on that tomorrow.

Another place from which Princess could not escape?

The display cage at the adoption event this weekend.

No matter how hard she tried to squeeze her face through the bars,
Princess remained trapped inside.

Good thing she had friends along with her.

"Don't worry, Princess! Belle will protect you!"


  1. She was probably trying to pull an Issac Arnold.. ;)

    and make sure she doesn't see these

  2. Thankfully, they're not channeling my TK (Terrorist Kitten). He KNOWS how to move the knobs to open doors; he just has a hard time getting a grip, lacking that thumb thing! If I had levers instead of knobs, I'd never be able to keep a door closed! :) As it is, it's hard to keep drawers closed, as his brilliance has revealed to him how to open those!

  3. Do you think your kittens could somehow influence their namesakes to start hitting? The Tigers are starting to worry me!

    1. You and me both! They are not looking good lately :(

  4. The Princess is one smart girl! (And what a sweet picture with Belle protecting her at the adoption event!)

    I hope your door handles are a fairly tough metal. My rather expensive oil-rubbed bronze bathroom faucet has lovely teeth marks all over it after Trixie decided to show her displeasure with the house full of rescued cats last summer by chewing anything she could get her mouth around... I was surprised she never broke any teeth doing that! :/

  5. too that picture with Belle!! mom says she is glad we don't have any of those lever handles here!

  6. That last picture!!!! Oh my. Consider my heart melted.

  7. P.S. Although the feline Miggy isn't in this post, I just had to mention that I never would have read the below NYT article if it weren't for him! :)

  8. That last photo just about did me in, how sweet!