Thursday, October 24, 2013

Be Our Guest

Music ahead... Sorry, Jeanne ;-)

Be our guest

Be our guest

Put our Belle to any test

It's been weeks since we've had any applications

We're depressed

She has style

She has flair

Look at all her pretty hair

She can snuggle and can purr with all the best

So don't pass your chance up

You really need to snatch up

Our very best

Be our guest

Be our guest


Many people quickly point out the resemblance between


But the closest kitten in the room to a true Ruby Roo?

Belle, that's who.

It's in the expression and in the eyes and in the gentle personality.

Speak up now and I'll even send her home with her favorite box.


  1. LOL.. come on Belle's people.. where are you??

  2. if i didn't already have two i'd crack for her in a heartbeat !!