Friday, October 11, 2013

Ring Her Belle

You can ring her Belle (elle--ell--ell)
Ring her Belle

Well, you could ring her Belle.
If you wanted to adopt her...
and buy her a pretty collar with a bell upon it.

And you know what you could sing to her, then?

Jingle Belles
Belle is swell
(Take her home today!)

And when she finishes laughing at you,
She'll let you snuggle her and sing some more...

Belle, Bellie, Boo
You know I love you
I'll always be true
So ple-ee-ee-eeeeeeeeese
Love me too
Oh, oh, love me too

Look there she is a girl who's very special
A most engaging mademoiselle 
It's a pity and sin
Her forever home has been
So long in coming for our Belle.

She really is a funny girl
A beauty and a funny girl
Our Belle.

"HEY! That's enough singing! Tell the people why they want to adopt the Belle already!"

Okay, I suppose we got a little off track. Why do you want to adopt our Belle?

Well, why WOULDN'T you want to adopt our Belle?

Belle Mayweather has grown up before our eyes. She's not a baby anymore, but she's still an exceptionally delightful kitten who would LOVE to love you.

Belle is a lover of all creatures. She adores her fellow kittens. She enjoys the big goofy dog in the house. But best yet, she loves loves LOVES her people. Belle is always ready for a hug and a snuggle. She purrs ALL the time. Her heart is huge and gentleness spills out of her soul and into everything she does.

Belle is a playful kitten who enjoys romping with her brother and sisters in the foster room. Her favorite toys are small things that she can carry and chase... sparkle balls and foil crinkle balls are on the top of her list. She enjoys chasing the feather teaser, but often cedes her position within the game to her powerhouse of a sister.

But she does swoop in when Garnet has completely exhausted herself and makes sure to get a turn.

Belle is sometimes overshadowed by her effervescent and high-energy sister, but believe me... she's every bit as special. Belle is quieter and calmer. She is happy to sit back and watch the world (in fact, her favorite spot lately is on the window sill). She will make a fabulously loving lap cat. Her easy-going nature will make her an ideal addition to just about any family... big, small, quiet, rambunctious, animals or not. Belle will quietly adjust and fit in beautifully.

And have you noticed how drop-dead gorgeous she is????

Belle is a marbled tabby (which means her pattern is more of a swirl than a stripe). Her brown tabby daddy and orange mama blended their patterns together to make an intensely beautiful girl.

She honestly is as stunning as any museum painting. Her orange is striking and almost feathered in. I swear it changes from day to day and week to week, and only becomes more beautiful as time goes by.

She's all packed up and ready to join your family. You'd better hurry while she's still small enough to fit in the box ;)

As always, you can reach me with any questions or interest through the comments, the message box on the Facebook page, or at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com.

Belle Mayweather is 5 months old, spayed, and has received all of her kitten and rabies vaccinations. She lives in suburban Detroit, Michigan but will consider travelling to meet her forever family. Remember, the answer can't possibly be "yes" if you never ask the question. ;)

And if you're local? Belle will be attending the PetSmart adoption event on Saturday and Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. She will be at the store in Chesterfield, Michigan (on Gratiot, just north of 23 Mile Road... conveniently located between Meijers, Home Depot, and Michaels. Just think! You can pick up a kitten and get all of your errands done in the same afternoon!)


  1. Just lovely! She's grown into such a sweetie-pie!


  2. She is stunning and I am not in the market right now but you left out a song. The one I would sing is " My Belle Ami"

  3. Aww... she's such a beautiful girl! I hope someone scoops her up soon!