Monday, October 28, 2013

An Update!

I am out delivering two beautiful kittens to their forever homes as this post publishes. I'll tell you more about the experience tomorrow, but while you wait... an update!

I just wanted to forward a couple of pictures for you. One picture is of Graham (now known as Ralphie) the day after he was fixed. He was totally pooped and seemingly found a comfortable spot between some shoes. The other picture shows him in his new perch which he loves so much!

He is doing really well. He is so loving, follows me where ever I go, including the shower. He also wakes me up at 5:00 a.m. (not so loving but we are working on that). He still pounces a lot on my older female cat but he seems to slowly be learning what "no" means. He purrs non-stop and I swear I can hear him from a room away! We are all settling in nicely and love him to death!

Okay, let's do a head count. Did we lose anyone from the swoon? Chris? Do we have to pick you up from the floor? ;-)

I love updates (almost as much as I love the kittens they are about!) Thanks for a great one and for taking such good care of our boy.

I'll be back tomorrow with his sisters' goodbye stories.


  1. How can there be no comments on this fabulous post yet? Love the sleepng picture - he looks completely boneless!

  2. Thank you for the smile! I love feel good follow ups!

  3. Happy happy! Love those swirls on that gorgeous boy :)

  4. GRAHAM! What a super surprise!! Gawd, he is SUCH a pretty pretty boy. I'm so happy his mom sends updates so we (ok, me) can fantasize about how awesome it must be to get right into that soft-looking snorgle zone, kiss that precious forehead and nibble on those adorable toesies!


  5. I have to admit that I swooned at those swirls!! :)

  6. The swirls!! The orange!! Oh my... :)

  7. holy cuteness!!!! his mom must have a terrible time leaving the house with him there :)

  8. Will plaintive whining net us the promised update...?


    1. Oops! I had forgotten that I put a time with the promise of an update. Sorry! I announced on Facebook (and I realize you and others aren't there, which is another "my bad") that life happened in a big way the other day. Not bad, just crazy busy. I'll be back tomorrow with an update on our girls. In the meantime, Max keeps typing a message to you:




      I really have no idea what she is trying to say (other than "Get this laptop off your lap so I can have more room!")

    2. Teehee!! Hi Max!

      Well now, I should say that I wasn't actually gonna whine... just wanted to know if I did, what would happen -- you know, hypothetically.

      Ahem... :)