Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Word About Adoptions

There are five 5-month-old kittens in my house who are looking for their forever accommodations. I could spend hours telling you their back story and regaling you with how incredibly amazing they are. But how about I just show you the reasons why you want these kittens?

Reason Number One

Reason Number Two

Reason Number Three

Reason Number Four

Reason Number Five

For some reason or another (and it really doesn't matter why), adoptions are slow within the rescue and these dumplings are waiting an inexplicably long period of time to find their forevers. We are meeting quality people, but our kits are going nowhere fast. The babies and I are growing exceptionally attached to each other and every day they go without finding a forever home is another day closer to my reality as a crazy cat lady. As much as I love them (and believe me, I LOVE THEM), I cannot fathom of a reason that I could give my husband that we now own seven cats. (Those of you with 7+ cats are not being insulted. In fact, you are to be commended. It's just not an achievable reality for most of us.)

The kitten catcher and I have been discussing again the idea of potentially sending our babies to our blog friends. It's not a done deal, but it IS within the realm of possibility. If you think you cannot live another day without knowing one of these precious dears is yours, let me know and we can open a discussion. I cannot promise you a kitten, but I can promise that we will listen and think about it. We can manage personal transport in a circle around Detroit... most of the lower peninsula will be included, and then Chicago, Cincinnati, and Erie PA will form our boundaries. Ideally, we would want to connect to YOU at the end of our drive instead of passing a kitten to the transport network. Sending our Clara to a blog reader was one of the best moves I ever made. Perhaps handing you one of these sweet peas will be the next great move.

In the meantime, our kittens will continue to attend weekend adoption events (Same Cat Time, Same Cat Channel: Saturdays and Sundays from noon to 3 p.m. at the PetSmart store in Chesterfield, Michigan. Locals will know to find us on Gratiot Road, north of 23 Mile. And if you're local? Why the heck aren't you visiting?????) 

If you are unable to adopt or unable to visit, send along your friends, your neighbors, your friends' neighbors. They will not be sorry that they made the acquaintance of these truly spectacular kittens.


Editor's Note: One of the kittens above is likely already unavailable. I wish I could tell you which one it is, but the truth is that I have NO idea. I've told you how attached I am (and how attached they are to me) and I'm coming to the realization that one of these precious babes MAY be destined to become a permanent resident. They have entered places in my heart that I usually rope off to the fosters and while I know that I cannot possibly keep them all, the idea of keeping one isn't as far fetched as my husband would like to believe ;) 

I have told myself that I would know which one was mine when applications began to roll in. Unfortunately, the applications we have received have made me think that they're all staying here forever (see above, although the universe seems to be sending us much more reasonable families of late, they haven't applied to take these babies yet). Anyway....

I've narrowed the selection to two probables and one outlier (who stands as good a chance as the other two but somehow I suspect this kitten will find its way elsewhere). The other two have burrowed into my heart but seem to prefer life away from our craziness. They are also the most popular at the store, so things work out as they are supposed to do.

Knowing my life the way you do (married "single" mom, three lovely but frenetically active older children, two other cats and a goofus dog), which of the following kittens would you see as the best match for us?

A. The intense love bug of a kitten who never met a person it didn't like. This kitten is active, playful, attentive, and stands its ground in the face of anyone who might object to its presence (read: Ruby and Simba)... offering a hiss before running off to the Lady's protection.

B. The laid-back unflappable kitten who goes about its business regardless of the opinions of others (read: Ruby and Simba). This kitten is also active and playful but less attentive to people, choosing instead of interact with the rest of world with a cartoon-like intensity.

C. The social butterfly kitten who holds the world record in persistence while choosing to force itself upon those who might wish it to go away (read: Ruby and Simba). This kitten is active, playful, attentive, but less snuggly than the other two. 

I will not be offering identities, although some of you might guess who they are. Honestly, any of them would thrive here but I feel like I'm making Sophie's Choice... which one of my babies will I give up and which one will I keep? Help me out here. Any opinions? (And don't say "Miguel! He's so handsome!" They're ALL beautiful, so that doesn't help. Besides, he might not be one of the choices.)


  1. How do Ruby and Simba react to Kitten C? That would be part of my decision process. If they tolerate the persistence then I would vote Kitten B and C.

  2. Knowing how your life is after reading the blog for about a year now (wow-it's been THAT long) I would recommend A or B and NOT C. An intensive love-bug sounds wonderful but those times that you are not available might make choosing a laid back kitty a bit easier. A social butterfly just does not seem to be the best choice for your family (read:Ruby and Simba).

  3. I don't know how you make a decision like this. Perhaps the only way to have it happen is to see who doesn't find their forever home. Though I don't understand why they haven't been adopted. They are all adorable!
    Good luck!

    1. That is/was my grand scheme. I figured when adoption applications started rolling in, I'd know which one was supposed to stay by who was not adopted. But it seems that they ALL are not being adopted (at least at the present time... I know full well they will all find the homes where they are supposed to be). Since adopting 5 isn't in my plans, I've got to get it narrowed down. I've got it down to 2 right now.

  4. You know I have personal reasons to hope you keep Garnet (my "namesake"!), but I also adore Belle...(I haven't had enough coffee to figure out A, B and C yet!). But I think the "right" kitten just happens at the right time, so be patient! :)

    1. I think if I asked straight out for the name of the one that people thought I should adopt, I'd get all five names in response. And any of them would be tremendous additions to any home too.

  5. I think Kitten B might be the best choice.

    All the kittens are so lovely, I can't imagine why they haven't found their forever homes yet!

  6. I can't even hazard a guess as to who might become a permanent resident (talk about a hard decision!!), but as the blog reader who was fortunate enough to be able to get Clara (aka Mama Madison, aka the bestest cat in the whole wide world!!), maybe I could just vote for the blog reader adopter option! :)

    1. I would love it if 4 (yes, that's right, 4) found their way to readers. The other will just have to stay here and be read about ;)

  7. the one that is right is the one you can not let go of.. ;) (I know, I'm of no help.. well that and I already know the answer.. that is what happens when I get so far behind in my blog reading)