Sunday, October 13, 2013

Perfect Little Princess

Princess Torii Fielder is, without a doubt, the epitome of the perfect little princess. She practices her regal posture when no one is looking. She has perfected the icy aloof stare. From the tips of her fluffy ears to the end of her even fluffier tail, she is (quite frankly) gorgeous... and she knows it.

"Don't hate Princess Torii because she's beautiful, 
just sit back and enjoy looking at the masterpiece."

Our Princess Torii is a remarkably soft, incredibly floofy silvery-gray girl. If you look closely at her sides, you can see subtle striping but otherwise she appears solid in color. She has four white paws, a white medallion on her chest, and the most amazing soul patch ever on her chin.

But don't let her looks intimidate you.

Because she's also a goofball...

When she thinks you're not looking, that is.

Princess Torii is the quiet All Star kitten. It has taken longer for us to get to know her because she is a bit more reserved, a bit more timid, and a heck of a lot more willing to let her brother and sisters take her spotlight.

But the good news is that we're seeing the beginning of a blossoming Princess. She's starting to engage in play around people, show her silly side, and ask for love from us.

"Love Princess."

"LOVE Princess."


She's even starting to put her feisty little sister into her place with some regularity.

I've seen it dozens of times with the quiet and timid kittens. They shrink to the back as long as their siblings are willing to absorb the attention. This has what has happened with Princess Torii in the front foster room. The effervescent Maxie and Garnet demand attention, so Princess is able to escape what frightens her. But...

Those quiet ones all start coming out of their shells sooner or later. Princess is already starting to show what a truly lovely girl she is. Now she needs a forever home where she can grow independently into her role as Queen.

The funny thing about adoption events at the store is that kittens often reverse their roles from at home. Confident, take-charge Garnet hides underneath the blankets and counts down the time until we leave. More reticent Princess Torii goes to the front of the cage and makes the acquaintance of all who pass by.

Because, seriously... who could resist reaching out and touching that kitten face poking through the bars? She often sits with her paws outside the cage too. Princess has been petted, stroked, and fussed over by people of all ages. She allows her paws to be handled and has given kisses to toddlers. She sits for smartphone portraits to be texted to family members who might want a kitten.

She's ready...

Are you?

Princess Torii Fielder is five-months-old, is current on all kitten and rabies vaccines, and has been spayed. She has been raised with tons of love in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town and is currently looking for a family who will promote her to the position of Queen. If you think that YOU might be that lucky family, come visit her at our next adoption event... Saturdays and Sundays at the Chesterfield Michigan PetSmart store. Or better yet... e-mail me at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com and let's get a conversation going. 

The possibility of transport exists within reason, so feel free to ask about her even if you're not local. Remember... you can't win if you don't play.


  1. I'm thinking today should be Maxie's day... (considering what kind of day her namesake had.)

  2. Aww... so great to hear that she's starting to come in to her own! Such a gorgeous girl...