Friday, July 20, 2012

Camp Cardboard... Kitten Edition

The kittens enjoy their cardboard box immensely.  They sit in it.  They flip it over.  They pounce on each other from on high.  They learned some new tricks with their box on Thursday.  Behold...

Two brothers discover the box can slide.

One brother (I'm sure you'll never guess which one) kicks it up a notch.

And another.

Before long that box had turned into the arena for their own version of Wrestlemania, with Henry and Porter both under the box and Eloise riding along on top.  Alas, all good things must come to an end.  Somehow the box ended up in front of the litter box... where someone PEED on it. (Okay, it looked like an accident of some sort since there was litter in the pee but the arena had to be recycled none-the-less.  I'm on the lookout for another box of a similar size so the games can begin anew.)


When I found the requisite kitten feeders (aka chip and dip platters) in the dollar section at the store yesterday, I had visions of kittens eating peacefully... everyone in their own place.  I'm not sure Eloise shared my vision.

At least she chose to stand in the empty section while helping herself to Porter's dinner.

She found it was easier to share from the other side.

Then she discovered Henry's portion.

And tackled him when he tried to go after her food.  Can't say as I blame her.  The girl has some catching up to do on the growth chart.  :-)


Penny discovered CAT-TV.  (Yes, there's yet another part to our menagerie... 2 feeder goldfish from an elementary school carnival that somehow managed to last 7+ years and are still going strong.  We also have a pleco, or sucker fish, in there.)

"When's dinner?"


  1. yeah for box games. we had one at the top of our stairs for a while that Junior used for stair surfing!!

    love the kitten feeders - and yes, ours rotate as well (and we have one that stands in the dip part and rotates to see what everyone else has). :)

  2. Pretty Penny wants sushi for dinner!!!

    Yes kittens, it's all fun and games until someone pees (or poops) in the box... ;)

  3. Too cute! when I was growing up my cat used to hide in paper grocery bags. Pretty Penny! and Kelly-I am proud of you for keeping a carnival goldfish for 7+ years. I am a fish killer! Yes, admitting it is the first step. I've gone to FKA (Fish Killers Anonymous) and it has done no good. I am banned from having fish. (I cannot keep the tank clean and proper for them). On the plus side though, we've been able to keep the 2 hermit crabs alive for almost 2 years now. They've molted and changed shells a few times even.

  4. I have a big box stuffed with packing paper in my front room. The cats like to jump in it and nap or "fight" with the paper. It's been there for a few months, and this is the longest a box meant for playing has gone without being sprayed by one of the permanent resident (jerk) cats. I'm thinking it might be magic. (Of course, now that I said that, probably someone's spraying it right now. Grrr.)

    My fosters generally start out eating from their own "section", then move along to other sections as their own food disappears. :)