Friday, July 27, 2012

Making It Work

Hooray!!  Project Runway is back!!  Someone (okay... it might have been me) got the bright idea to dress up the kittens in the fashions that the American Girls weren't using at the moment.

"Whatcha doing, Girl?  Those clothes sure look pretty!"

"What on earth does this child think she's doing to the Wheeze??"

"Just lie back and think of England.  It will all be over soon enough."

"Trust me, Girl.  Blue is not Eloise's color."

"Yeah... no blue, no helmets.  This squishes Weezy's whiskers."

It did not take long before the kittens rejected their roles as models and decided they were designers instead.

"Hmmm... Henry thinks Eloise would look much better in stripes."

"What???  She WOULD!"

"Eloise prefers the pink cheetah print instead."

"Just a stitch here and a tuck there..."

"Hey Eloise, Porter thinks this makes your butt look big."

"As if YOUR creation is much better?"

"Seriously... I'm nearly NAKED in this thing!"

"She's so demanding. Now I have to add an entire skirt.  Henry... you're not really helping, you know."

"Fine.  Henry prefers the challenge of unconventional materials anyway."

"Ooooooooohhh!!!!  Knitwear!!"

"Sure... my model will complain that her tail is hanging out, but Henry simply will not compromise his design."

"Porter prefers to work with fur.  It's almost as comfortable as wearing nothing at all."

"Dude... Your seam is crooked."

"Henry will fix it!"

"Surrrrrrrrrrre, Henry will fix it."

"Did you see the one he made out of yarn and broom straw??  Ghastly!"

I love Project Runway so much that I'm known for not turning it off at the end and watching it again on the seemingly endless loop that Lifetime has going.  Feel free to dish with me in the comments.  Also, Olympics.... SQUEEEEEEE!

Psst... You will also notice that only one kitten ever made it into the clothing.  The boys decided that they were very definitely NOT playing dress-up.



It started with an uh-oh moment and became an "Aha" moment.

My peaceful shower was interrupted by a terrific crash in the kitchen.  Kids were sleeping.  Husband was at work.  This couldn't be good.

I walked out, drippy and sudsy, to find Penelope in the middle of the pieces of a shattered vase... happily crunching away.  She had found a bowl of kibble that we had stashed at the back of the counter (to keep dog and fat cats out of it) and decided she was hungry for it.  Apparently, pushing the bowl to the floor required removing the vase first... dang, I liked that vase!

Later in the day when we offered her more of the same kibble, the diva refused yet again... choosing instead to eat crunchies that had fallen on the floor near Norman's bowl.  Hmmm.... is is the bowl she hates?  Couldn't be.  After all, it's the exact same bowl from which she wolfs her canned food.

The experiment: Feed Penny crunchies off a plate instead.
The result: She ate it.
The verdict: She's a brat.

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful..."



Significant doorway drama with an elevated chance of escape.

After 24 days in residence, Henry and Porter have finally decided that they want to check out the other side of their door.  I've collected them each from the front hallway twice.  Can't wait until Uncle Norman figures out that diversion.

Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. it's probably a whisker thing (the dish) She doesn't mind getting her whiskers on the plate when there is stinky goodness going on, but for dry it matters...

    1. I think you're right. She also prefers to be off the floor when eating kibble. Her adoptive family will LOVE that!

  2. WAY too funny today Kelly! I love Eloise's comments. I have seen Project Runway a few times (when there was nothing else on). I am not knowledgeable enough to really discuss it at length but some of those designers along with their designs are nuts. Henry could have a cushy little career if he figures things out. :)

    1. I think out of all of the times I have watched the show, there's probably only been a handful of outfits made that I would actually wear myself. When I dabble in reality tv, though, I tend to look for shows where the contestants at least have some sort of marketable talent (cooking/sewing). Then I can get ideas of my own.

      And, yeah... Henry is TOTALLY the one with a career in fashion. He's a dynamo, that one. ;-)

  3. I've never seen Project Runway, but I would TOTALLY tune in to the kitty version! :)

  4. hahaha....wait - this might give the kid ideas and she is gonna be over here next week. hold on while we run for our lives. :)

    We know what you mean about the kittens - mom says we are within a couple of days of Whiskey making a break for it from baby jail.

    1. I'm amazed Eloise hasn't made a break for it yet, although she prefers me to just come inside and snuggle her. The boys want to know WHAT'S GOING ON?????!!!?!?

  5. Very funny! I have a really old photo of me & the family dog; dog is dressed in a Girl Scout uniform & I have a huge smile on my face. Photo is now a family classic & gets dragged out at every reunion.
    I love P.Runway. A reality show about sewing, how great is that? Outfits are crazy fun & contestants are wild. Of course, hubby tolerates it thanks to Heidi Clum.
    Kitties AND clothes, Great post, Thanks!

    1. Your husband tolerates PR? Mine can't leave the room fast enough. It's probably better that way considering he'd spend the entire time sighing and snarking. ;-)

  6. I love PR! Although I haven't been thrilled with the judges choice of winners the last couple of seasons. Kitten PR? Sounds like you need to pitch the show to Animal Planet. Perhaps Porter could play the Michael Kors role...


    1. Don't get me started about Gretchen! I very rarely agree with the winner, but the ones that make it to Fashion Week are usually right on. Porter as Michael Kors? I may take that as a challenge to find the most creatively worded insults possible ;-)

    2. I think Porter can do the Kors snark but please don't dye him orange.