Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two for Tuesday

I have been trying to get a photo of the size discrepancy between big brute Henry and itty bitty Eloise for a full week now.  This is not a true representation of it either... Eloise is slightly behind Henry and shrinking back a bit.  

When our babies went back to the vet late last week, Eloise weighed in at 1 pound, 13 ounces.  Litter mate Henry far outweighed her at 2 pounds, 12 ounces.  "Cousin" Porter the Porker (4 weeks older than the other two) tipped the scales at 3 pounds, 5 ounces. 

Even without their health issues, our rescue tends to keep the babies longer... waiting until they are older and larger before sending them for their spay/neuter and putting them up for adoption.  I think we've got these guys until at least the end of the summer.  ((Yay!))


Heck-raising Henry is the life of any party.  He's the first to investigate any new situation and the first to pounce on anything that looks like fun... my necklace (since removed), my wedding rings (still on), my hair blowing in the breeze of a ceiling fan (pulled back), my lips moving while I talk to him (OUCH!).   Early Sunday morning, I awoke to the twang, twang, twanging of the springy, sproingy doorstop on the inside of the foster room.  While I didn't get out of bed to investigate, Henry's reputation led to him getting the blame.

A Short Photo Story in which Henry Discovers Shoelaces

"Hey!! What's this flapping on your foot, Lady??  Never fear, Henry shall save you from it!!!"

"Unhand her, snake-like monster!!  Henry will not tolerate your strangulation of the Lady's foot!"

"Hang on, Lady.  I've almost removed this tiny basilisk from the casing around your foot!"

"Wait... What?  You LIKE it there???!?!?!!?"

"Henry underestimated your attachment to the slithering shoe monster.  Please put him down before he feels compelled to lunge for your bangs again.  Remember how much that hurt last time?"

"Henry!  The Lady told you to leave her shoes alone.  Why don't you find something else to do?"

"So ELOISE can save the day instead... sucker!"

"This really is quite tasty.  I can see why the Lady wants to keep it for herself."

"Hey Eloise... Whatcha doing?"

"Porter thinks this calls for a bit more brute strength than you have in your teeny weeny self... Let me handle this."

"Go ahead... shoo!!  Porter's got this all covered for the Lady.  Go on!"

"This is trickier than Porter thought.  This entire canvas casing seems to be attacking the Lady's foot.  Porter shall use the ninja-knives-of-doom to release her...."


"Yep... Don't push his sister.  You mess with the sister, you get the claws."


  1. Hi Kelly what handsome lovely tabbies you have in residence at the moment!

    Love the shoelace story! Big guy there is rather handsome!

  2. Oh, what cuties they are. I hope the setback with the ringworm hasn't had too much of an impact. Eloise reminds me of a former foster of mine, Lola, who was a tiny little tabby as well (although the size disparity between her and her brother was not quite so great as between Eloise and Henry). She was a shy little thing, but so sweet! Her brother was a little terror, just like that Henry. His favorite activity was climbing up my back every time I went in the foster room and screeching in my ear until I fed him. But he was adorable too.

    1. I don't even have to think about who might be causing trouble, or who's ready to cause trouble, or who caused the trouble. It was Henry. It's always Henry... and I adore him. :-)

  3. hahaha....mom says she has a tough time tying her shoes in the morning too..... :)

  4. That look from Henry is awesome - I've seen that look many many times. :)

    Eloise is such a teeny little peanut. I'm looking forward to seeing these guys grow through the summer!

    1. I get that look every time I tell him "no". It's like having a toddler again. :-)

  5. Oh boy that made my day! I love Henry's little grumpy face when you held him up!! What a fabulous summer you are going to have, playing with those cuties.

  6. I start thinking there is a huge discrepancy at 2 oz of difference, a whole pound must be quite startling!

    "Henry underestimated your attachment to the slithering shoe monster."
    I LOVE Henry's photo there.. and the rest of the quote just made me laugh out loud.

  7. LOL Kelly (um I mean Henry) Great story!

  8. Thank you everyone. I had a great time living it and writing about it. :-)