Friday, March 8, 2013

And Now For The News....

Four kittens went to the vet on Thursday. Four kittens were weighed. Four kittens had their nails trimmed. Four kittens got a shot. Four kittens took a black light test. No kittens glowed.


The vet has cleared our Madison Midgets for adoption. And you know what that means...

Abby meets her new baby brother tonight.

And Bear goes home with his new family this weekend.

No firm decisions have been made on whether Levi, Misty, and Mama will be going to the store for adoption hours this weekend. Much will depend on my schedule (or rather my kids' schedule, which is still up in the air as I write this).

All I know is that I will be spending Friday trying to get that elusive photograph of all four kittens together... and hugging the stuffing out of them in between takes. This is a special little group and I will miss them terribly.

But this is a good thing... After all, the whole reason we foster is to prepare these kittens for the day that they leave our nest. It's too bad that I don't do as good of a job preparing myself for that day too.

There will be tears this weekend, but they will be happy ones.

Have a great weekend, everyone. I'll have stories to tell on Monday, I'm sure.


UPDATE: I have uploaded Mama, Misty, and Levi to the Petfinder website. Please share our beautiful kitties (especially Mama). Thank you!


  1. mom says she has yet to come across a good preparation for letting go of kittens - just know you did a great job and that leaves you open to help the next group :) but we know you know that.....

    Can't wait to hear what Abby thinks of her new baby brother

  2. Yay for no worms and going to new homes!! *Hugs to all*

  3. The letting go part is why we don't even try to foster.