Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Where Do We Go From Here?

When little Levi left the building Sunday night, we here at Teeny Tiny Tabby Town were left in a somewhat unusual position (for us). There are currently no teeny tiny tabbies in Teeny Tiny Tabby Town... at least not of the foster variety.

"Ruby isn't exactly chopped liver you know, Lady.
Ruby is Teeny. Ruby is Tiny. Ruby is a Tabby."

Yeah... But Ruby is all MINE :)

Teeny Tiny Tabby Town has been the home of overlapping litters of foster kittens for the past ten months. We've never been without babies to replace the babies who were being adopted. And the question has already been asked in the comments: "When are the new guys moving in?"

Well, we've reached a lull in the action right on the cusp on kitten season. It certainly won't be long until we're looking at teeny tiny adorable little tabby faces again. But the Madisons found their way to their forever homes at the exact right time for me to conveniently take a teeny tiny break from the kitten action. It won't be long. It won't be boring. But there are a few things that desperately need my attention before the kitten room can re-open for business:

1. Mama Madison: Her babies are all in their new homes and Mama deserves a special home of her very own. When kittens are present, it can be all too easy to let her remain in limbo. Between the ringworm and the kittens and the FIV, she's gotten the short end of the stick and now it's time to give her the entire brush pile. She needs more love, playtime, attention, and publicity than she has been getting .

"That's right, Lady. Pet the Mama."

2. Norman: My old man is having intestinal troubles again and isn't quite himself. We need a bit of time to address his health, and his diet, and his gas (oh boy, does he have gasssssssssssssssssss). He's an old man at 12 years old, but he shouldn't be as "old" as he is right now. He lived a rough life before he came here and deserves nothing less than full quality, grade A treatment now. 

"That's right. The Lady needs time to make Norman comfortable in the office cubby of his choice before any more kittens move in."

3. Home Improvement: Over the next couple weeks, my home will be "Contractor Central". My leaking upstairs bathroom needs to be pulled apart and sealed back up. My laundry room ceiling needs to be replaced because of the leak. And while I'm at it, they're going to pull apart a section of my kitchen counter and replace my stove. Considering the last foster let himself out to visit with the contractor, we're probably better off without babies underfoot. The babies probably appreciate being in a quieter home for the time-being too.

4. Spring Break: For the first time in a long time (I'm talking years here), I'm going to take a vacation. My new-found ability to leave town coincides nicely with my kids' Spring Break. Since I am certain that Michigan will still have snow on the ground in a few weeks, I'm currently counting down to my escape.

5. My Sanity (aka Oh dear Lord, I need a Break): When it comes down to it, the overlapping litters with upper respiratory and ringworm have just plain worn me out. I had taken on enormous load with the rescue... all of the Petfinder listings, all of the photography, a second blog, managing their facebook page, attending several hours of adoption clinics every weekend, taking in all of the emergencies and extra vet trips.  It takes a toll, physically and emotionally. It's time to let some of these things rest for a while. I'm not "burned out". I'm just tired and needing to shed some of these things from my schedule. While the kittens are away, the Lysol will play. We'll make sure that everything is tidied up, germ free, and ready for the new midgets when they arrive. We'll be up to Monroe when we re-open for business (which coincidentally is my maiden name and will confuse the heck out of me when they're here!).

So Enough About Me... Where Does This Leave YOU?

Exactly where you were before.
Look what I'll have for you here...

No shortage of stories around here. Just a shortage of kittens.

The blog will still be here and so will I. Besides the current residents here, I will be opening the floor to other friends of mine who are in rescue. I'll introduce you to cats and kittens who aren't on the premises, who need help and a good home. There are four cats currently waiting in the wings to meet you. If you have someone else that you would like to share here, let me know that too. I'll also have some updates. There's one already waiting for tomorrow (and if you have one of my former fosters and haven't sent an update to us recently... What are you waiting for?)

Oh yeah... and I'll eventually get around to finding the time and space for something like this:

Or maybe this...

These photos have been around forever and it's difficult to find the source of things that have been shared a million and one times. I would, of course, love to give credit where credit is due. If you know the source (or are the source) please let me know so I can put your name on your fabulous photos.

I'll be back tomorrow with a very special update about a very special kitten.


  1. I'm glad you're getting to go on spring break! (Is Ruby trying on bikinis?) ;) There will be kittens a plenty later, but we love seeing the perms anytime you want to share them with us!

    1. Funny you should mention it. She's not trying on bikinis, but I found her tangled up in a bra that had been left on a bed this morning. Our little girl is growing up. ;)

    2. ^Like or +1 whichever you prefer!

    3. Ha, ha, ha - I'm just seeing this! Ruby Roo has been watching the Victoria's Secret commercials!!

      I use to occasionally hang a bra over the closet door knobe, until the first time I saw one of my cats swinging on it/batting at it! That was one expensive chew toy I was NOT going to let them have!! ;)

  2. a well deserved break..... everyone here gets locked up when someone comes into do work on the condo - no one needs that kind of supervision. :) purrs to momma madison - we know her family is out there..they just don't know it yet. and purrs to Norman - getting old isn't for weenies

    1. I lock them up, too (which is why we had to wait for Levi to be gone.. he just didn't care which side of the door I wanted him on!)

  3. Yay Kelly for all the work you do on all these so very needy kitties. You take a break - and we'll just send restful thoughts and well wishes from all over to you for it!

    1. Ooooh... Restful thoughts. That would be a wonderful thing! We'll be up and running again with kittens soon (and in the meantime, Ruby can entertain you!)

  4. Wow Kelly-that still sounds like a full plate. ((hugs)) and appreciation for all you do. Those pictures are so cute! Around here it is beginning to be busy season too. We are getting into projects at school, final show performances for after school activities, planning for summer activities and our own vacation. Enjoy your time off!

    1. Thanks, Holly! Hang in there yourself. I know it's a wild ride this time of year.

  5. You should do a mama centric post with lots of beautiful photos and a nice write up of her including her story as you know it and her status and what is involved in said status.. and then share the heck out of it on Facebook..

    Purrs to Norman.. 12 isn't old.. it is a good solid middle age.. :) May your intestines be feeling better right quick.

    Ruby! Kittehs don't need bras..

    So you coming to Maine on that Spring break?? You won't need a bikini.. but a nice lobster bib.. :)

    1. Connie.... The plan is to travel AWAY from the snow, not towards it!

      And I agree (on both the mama-centric post and that Norman isn't technically old... he's just had a rough life and his parts aren't in as superior condition as if he had been here from the beginning)

    2. *blows kisses to Norman and his rough life parts*