Thursday, March 14, 2013

But Keep The Old

Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold.

Yesterday, we chronicled Levi's adventure in making new friends. But I still have some photos to share of his old friends too.

The Brothers Madison keep their eyes firmly rooted on the prize... 
a feather teaser, of course.

You saw this photo of Levi and Misty the other day,
but it turns out that our girl got around.
(Not in THAT way... get your minds out of the gutter!!)

Grizzly and Misty before they left for their forever homes.

Misty and Bear share a chair.

And I tried my very best to get a family shot, but we had an ever shifting round of willing participants.

Hey, Levi!! Over here, Levi!!

And now we've lost Grizzly.

Down in front!!

Sigh... At least we tried.


An Update ALREADY!!!

I received a gorgeous collage of our handsome floofmeister Bear, along with a fantastically happy update:

"Bear is doing great... he is just AMAZING. He runs up and down the stairs of the condo like a maniac lol. When he's not running around he likes to pretend to be a parrot and sit on our shoulders (so cute). And at night he likes to sleep on Abe's head :)  Very playful and cuddly like you said, and he loves everyone. He goes crazy with a toy mouse, and can play with it for hours."

I am so happy for the happy ending for our boy and his new family. Love, love, LOVE to hear about my fosters in their new homes (hint, hint, hint... you can always send photos or drop me a line at teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com)


And Remembering a Couple More Friends

I adopted a couple of angels for our website from the VSquillions Shelter. There is a list of Virtual Angels at the website where our girls are memorialized. As soon as I have time over the weekend, I will be adding their pictures to the sidebar to watch over our kitties (and doggie) in residence.

Our first angel is an old, old friend of mine...

And our second angel? Well, I think you might remember her...

I think she's STILL sitting on my shoulder. When Levi's not hanging out there, that is. ;)

Carry on, angels.


  1. Your Einstein story makes me cry every time I read it. And Chanel....oh.

    You have some awesome angels on your team.


  2. sweet angels....

    Those Madisons - always up to something. :) LOVE the update.

  3. Glad to hear about so many kitties doing well and so many angels looking out for them :)

  4. Sorry to hear about the family picture :)

    I love parrot kittens!!

    *blows kisses to Chanel*