Friday, March 15, 2013

Round Round Round Round He Gets Around

We've already established this:

And this:

Well just like the Energizer Bunny, our Levi keeps going and going and going and going. Not content to simply be friends with the friendlier, easier to access permanent residents, Levi set his sights high.

Just LOOK at what happened!
Mr. Simba was awake and aware that he had company.

"Oh, you do TOO want to be Levi's friend!"

Levi maintained a safe buffer zone just in case.

And that's not all:
"Now see here, Junior... You stay on your blanket and Norman will stay on his."

"The small one is quite handsome, Lady. But if he gets any closer Norman will be forced to unleash the paw of doom."

And when he got tired of feline socialization:
Levi tried to reach out on Facebook for a bit of human interaction too.

It looks as if we will be probably be saying goodbye to our Levi tomorrow. I've fielded four requests to meet him in the past 36 hours. The potential adopters will be meeting us at the store tomorrow to test drive a Levi and to see if they meet with his approval. I'll have the full story on Monday.


Let The Sun Shine

Levi's quest for freedom has allowed Ruby back into her old stomping grounds.
"This place looks strangely familiar...
Could it be? Yes, Ruby thinks it is...
This is RUBY'S room!"

"And this is Ruby's toy too."



"Ruby meant to do that."

"Maybe Ruby can distract from her humiliation with a belly shot."

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Best wishes to Levi, hugs to Ruby, and a good weekend to all others :)

  2. I hope Levi finds all the human contact he can deal with (and maybe a little bit more)

  3. Ruby's furs are growing back!!! :) Good luck to Levi on the test drives....we know he will pick the right one (hopefully with another animal he can bend to his will).

  4. We'll be waiting with tuna-smelling breath to hear more on Levi! Purrs...