Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunshine Day

A Michigan Monday in early March and snowstorms were in the forecast (again). But outside the window, the sky held this amazing light. It warmed the inside of the house through the blinds that have been closed in the foster room. The glow reminded me of this...

I wiggled my fingers behind the plastic insulating sheets that have been holding in the winter drafts at the window, grabbed hold of the blind cord, and let the sunshine in (which reminded me of another song, but I'll spare you that one). The kittens were, for lack of a better word, thrilled.

They were energized.

Feisty, even...

"Oh no, you didn't!"

"Oh no... of course Levi didn't."

"Yes, Levi DID!"

"You can believe Misty. Look how innocent and cute Misty is."

"Misty IS TOO innocent!!!!"

Miss Misty Moo's face that afternoon was very reminiscent of a certain someone...

I miss my Abby hugs.

Someone else was too busy in the sunshine to hold still very long,
so I brought in reinforcements.

His new family has probably been very anxious to see him dry for a change.

But the other brother...
the other brother is a poser
(the good kind, of course)

There's at least one model in every litter.
The Madison model would be Grizzly.

"Who, ME???"

Yes, you.

Our little man basked in the sunlight all afternoon.

He's sexy and he knows it.

"You're not going to link THAT song too, are you?"

Looking pretty good.
Especially considering that just a couple hours earlier he looked like this...

I'm hoping it's not too much longer. Light fuzz is starting to fill in the ringworm spot on Levi's leg. Ruby's ear is losing the crust. I haven't seen any other spots developing on any other kittens... yet (I feel like I have to keep adding that because with the incubation period, anything is still possible). It's a good sign, but you can understand the certain sort of paranoia that creeps in when their fur is sitting in a slightly different way or if the light hits an ear just right....

The kittens are due for their second round of vaccines later this week. I'll have them shine a black light on them while we are there. If the vet can clear them, we will be saying goodbye to two of our boys very soon. 



  1. Grizzly-wet and sexy AND a song! You made my morning very sunshiney Kelly. That's one of my favorite songs/episodes of Brady Bunch. We are expected to get about 5 inches here. What did you end up with?

    1. Nothing yet. The sun is out again :) This storm is strange... sort of a backwards J shape. The lower part of the swoop went south of us, but the taller portion is hitting Wisconsin right now and might be headed for us. Now the weatherman is saying "maybe" so I don't really know what to expect. I'll just enjoy the sunshine for now and hope it will miss us entirely :)

  2. awww - we think they are cuties wet OR dry!! we will hope for a little more sun for everyone up there....

  3. Yippee for sunshine on furs! So cute, either way!

  4. It definitely hit us - I think we got about 6 inches. I'm SO ready for Spring.

    Anyway -- I love the pictures of the wet kittens! I guess that makes me mean, but they are just adorable!

  5. that is because kittens are solar powered! paws crossed they get a clean bill of health

  6. Hi kittens! Isn't it amazing to see the sun these days?
    Please come by our blog when you can, we have something special for you all!

  7. Wow - those kittens are seriously cute!
    I think it's the first time I have visited your blog - bess you for fostering!
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  8. They are looking so adorable and so happy to be in the sunlight. I hope everything works out for them finding their forever home.

    Chief Editor
    Universal Cats