Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Miss Me?

"Of course you did."

When I promised you an update of the former foster with a special and distinctive trait, Holly very rightly pointed out that all of my fosters were special. They most certainly ALL excelled in "special", but my Zelda...

My Zelda aced the "special" part of the kitty exams. That pink tongue, those round green eyes, her gentle heart of gold... this girl makes my heart flutter, ache, and sing all at the same time.

"Darn straight... The Lady LOVES herself some Zelda!"

I received an email from Kevin, Zelda's new dad, the other day. Our girl is settling in nicely with her two new kitty brothers. The younger one is a sometimes playmate and a sometimes annoyance (as all little brothers are wont to be... just ask my older daughter). Zelda and her older brother are happy to ignore each other most of the time, although I do hear there are a few hissing and cranky "get off my lawn" moments from time to time.

"Zelda didn't see the lawn, but she DID see a cranky dude in her way. So she hissed. SOOOOOO not a big deal."

Zelda is playful and friendly, although the playful part is difficult to photograph because she's more interested in the camera and the person taking the photos than she is in the toy. She comes out to greet company but still seems scared of moving things above her head. Her kitty brother is nervous about ceiling fans and their dad is betting that Zelda will be too. But he does say that, for the most part, our Zelda is relaxed and happy in her new home. 

From the looks of the tongue, I'd say "relaxed and happy" are the right words to describe our Zelda in her new home. I couldn't be happier to know she's there.


  1. What a great update - sounds like she is "home". Love the get off my lawn comment - we get that around here sometimes. :)

  2. ERMAHGERD! Best surprise ever! I often wonder how that pretty girl is doing so this was an awesome update. She's as gorgeous as ever! That is one lucky kitty dad.


  3. Zelda and her little tongue pictures just slay me! (I had written something different about Zelda and her tongue at first, but upon review it sounded a little risque!) I'm so glad she is in a happy home!

  4. Ahh how could I not think of Zelda when you mentioned special. Please forgive me both of you. It's so good to hear she is doing well. She looks so good and the tongue pics are just so cute :)

  5. So happy for Miss Zelda! Thanks for the update on that sweet girl, Dad!

  6. I'm so happy for that wonderful pussycat and her family. May Mama Madison find an equally great home soonest!