Monday, March 4, 2013

Les Chatons Miserables

A Story of the Poor Wretched Kittens

As Told By Five Wet Cats


There was a time when the Lady was kind
When her voice soft
And her words were inviting...

Then it all went wrong.

I dreamed a dream of being dry
When hope was high 
And life worth living.

But the bath time comes again
With its faucet loud as thunder
And it tears my hope apart
And it turns my dream to shame.


Do you hear the kitten sing?
Singing the song of angry cats.
It is the music of a kitten who does not like taking baths.

When the racing of its heart
Echos the beating of the drums
You take your life in your hands 
To dunk when their bath time comes.


Watch them run amok.
Catch them as they fall.
Never know your luck when there's a free for all.

Here a little dip
There a little touch.
The wormies will be goners that we won't miss much.


One day more to revolution.
We will nip her in the butt.

We will scratch at our shampooer

We will make her floors a flood.

Watch us run amok.
We will make you fall.
You never know your luck when there's a free for all...



(for now)


  1. LOVED LOVED LOVED this, Kelly. So creative.

    The videos were precious. I watched each three times. I just wanted to jump into the computer and snatch up those little furballs and cuddle them!

  2. but kitties, she is only doing what is best for you.. really I promise..

  3. You are so talented! Love reading your stories about the little dumplings every day. Thanks so much for posting.

  4. Bravo bravo bravo!!! A-cat-emy awards for everyone! :0

  5. MOL, that was awesome! Poor kitties! But awesome!

  6. bwaahahahahaha.....that was AWESOME!!!

  7. Adorable! And I wish I had watched it earlier -- it would have improved my afternoon!