Thursday, April 25, 2013

Okay... Who Did It?????

All right... Which one of you did it? Simba?

"No, of course not. Simba has been on his giraffe bed all day protecting it from interlopers. Why don't you ask The Menace?"

Ruby Ruby Roo? Was it you?

"Ruby does not know what the Lady is talking about. Ruby is just sitting... sitting here very innocently... Why don't you ask old grumpy pants?"

Norm? Norman, have you been up to no good?

"Look, Lady. It wasn't Norm either. Why don't you ask whichever muffin brain put the ice cream in the refrigerator? Perfectly good waste of mint chocolate chip, grumble grumble grumble..."

Well, if it wasn't Simba and it wasn't Ruby and it wasn't Norman, WHO could it be?

Someone, I repeat, SOMEONE had something to do with this.

It appears that someone has melted the dog.

Was it YOU?

Look at him, all limp and sprawling out of the dog bed.

Crashed out on his face.

Drooling on the floor.

He wouldn't do this to HIMSELF, would he?

So it stands to reason that someone has indeed melted my dog.

"Seriously, Lady? What's wrong with you?"

"It's as if the Lady has never met this dog before."


As you can see, I'm playing with watermarks. Little by little, I'm figuring things out. For example, I used the same size lettering in the watermark of every photo in this post. Seems that the watermark took over the two vertical photos, though. Live and learn... I had compressed them both months ago so the actual photo is smaller on my computer (which I imagine made the watermark bigger). Now I have to learn how to uncompress... decompress? Either that or figure out the size ratio. Too much learning at 10 pm hurts my head so it will have to wait for another day. :)

Be sure you come back tomorrow. I'll be announcing some kitten naming winners.


  1. melted chocolate laborador....sounds like a weird desert :) hey - at least he is comfortable

    1. I'm thinking melted chocolate labrador sounds something like this hot brownie dessert that's served at a local restaurant. Brownie fresh out of the oven, topped with ice cream and lots of chocolate sauce. Oh dear... now I need to go to the grocery store.

    2. Surely it's an apparently un-innocent mix of Kahlua, Bailey's, and milk best ordered in Newfoundland.

  2. LOL Random Felines-that does indeed sound like a weird desert-but yummy! Kelly-I love the font. The size thing is most likely a ratio problem when you have vertical photos. I know nothing about watermark programs but I imagine if you reduce the size by 1 setting or "uncheck/check" a stretch option (like in the screensaver/display function) unless you are using some stupid Mac or something then that should look better. Have fun playing with it :) I'm sure you will figure it out. And I am excited about the news tomorrow!

  3. I think Charlie Melt looks very comfortable - as only totally relaxed dogs and cats can get! (Now he sounds like a weird sandwich...and now I'm craving a patty melt for lunch!) ;)

  4. Kelly,

    Completely a propos of nothing in today's post, I saw this announcement about workshops on how to photograph shelter animals and thought of you. None of the ones that are already scheduled are near you (closest is one in Chicago) but the page does say to contact the organizers if your shelter wants to get the instructors to come and do workshops in your area.

    Oh, also, on the watermark, is it possible to have it run vertically up the right side? You've got a pretty long name to work with, and therefore the eye naturally is drawn to it and the brain then focuses on it more than necessary. But if it were vertical, it appears to take up less space, and because it is vertical -- and therefore harder to read than if it were horizontal, the brain isn't compelled to focus on it so much. That way, the watermark is there to establish your ownership of the photo, but doesn't grab attention the way it does now.

    BTW, can't wait to see the new kittens, and loved the Ruby Tuesday post!

    1. Just got on the photographer's website (the one teaching the workshops) and he's got some great photos and great tips here:!/3/Dogs___Cats/48 in addition to some pages devoted to "photo tips."

      What a great service he's doing. His photos are so uplifting!

    2. Charlene, the idea for the photography workshop for shelter animals is positively brilliant! I had been thinking of offering my services in this regard but wanted a bit more "training" first. I'll check into this.(Chicago isn't too terribly far and I have good friends there. Might have to make a "girls reunion" out of it if they're not coming to Michigan.) Thanks!

      And I had the same thought about running the watermark vertically. I'm going to continue to play around with it. Might even reduce the name to Whiskers or just my first name or initials. I do remember, though, that when Robyn started watermarking I felt incredibly distracted by the lettering. Now I never even notice.

    3. You could even shorten your name.. @WITW like I do with @TFKblog.. using the full name might generate you more traffic, but using a shorter watermark might keep it from being obtrusive (not that I thought they were, I kind of liked them)

  5. Very cute pics of Charlie. Silly dog. In fact, enjoyed All the pics & watermarks didn't distract at all. If that’s where you were going with it, then it worked!

  6. I lurves your animals! All of them. But I have to say the picture of Simba on his couch is my favoritest of them all. I'm not sure why it strikes me so - but I just grin every time I see it!

  7. It's the dog. It's always the dog. Always.

    Hey Norman! How you feeling dood?