Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Comfy Seat

Queen Maybelline made a trip to the rescue vet on Saturday morning... a very routine trip that ended with her finding a very special spot.

As is customary in all vet visits, the first stop was at the scale.

"This seat is comfy. Mae shall stay right here."

And so she did.

She remained past the moment when her weight was declared.

"That's not a big number at all. Maisy's fluff surely doesn't weigh much."

She remained while the vet checked her teeth.

She stayed put while the vet checked her eyes...
which were rolling when the vet tried to move her in order to listen to her heart.

Mae stayed put.

"This is MAE'S seat. Please don't try to remove her. Can we take it home?"

And so she remained in her favorite new spot.

She stayed put during her vaccination. 

She stuck like glue during her worming treatment too.

"That stuff was nasty. Can we leave now? Don't forget my new chair."

Mae eventually had to leave her new special spot, as she was not alone on this expedition. The Roo needed her turn on the scale.

"That spot was not comfortable AT ALL. No not one little bit!"
*Insert of a random photo of The Roo since she was not nearly as happy as Mae to be there.*

Ruby's lack of happiness with the scale may have more to do with the vet visit. Or perhaps it was with the numbers that came up on the digital screen. You see...

Mae = 8 pounds, 15 ounces

Ruby = 9 pounds, 11 ounces

"How did that happen? The Roo is ITTY BITTY!!!!"

Or perhaps the photos are more "true Roo" and less "unflattering angle".

"Watch it, Mama Lady! Roo sees you when you're sleeping."

I love Ruby Roo no matter what size she is. And you know how they say numbers never lie?

The numbers on the scale LIED. She is an itty bitty, teeny tiny princess...

And the sweetest kitty in the house
(even if she gives good side-eye).


Calling all NY/NJ friends!

Washburn, Serenity, Shepard, and Jayne need to find their forever homes.

I have it on good authority that they are exceptionally sweet and have incredible purr motors.

The three boys are 5 months old. Serenity is a full blooded Birman.

You know you want them. 

I can hook you up with Gail if you'd like more information.

teenytinytabbies AT gmail DOT com


  1. So much adorableness in one post... I'm feeling lightheaded....


  2. Oh Roo...we don't care what the scale says. And Miss look very comfy.

  3. Ruby and Mae are both the purrfect size! And Max, too! We all know the camera adds pounds! :)

  4. One of my kitties hides in the sink when she goes to the vet. Fortunately the vet is very mellow and just examines her there.

  5. My Oreo does not like men. She hisses at the vet and also my Dad when he comes to visit. Unfortunately, she has to go for a check up soonish.

    1. Can you take her to a female vet instead?

  6. Numbers may not lie, but everybody knows that SCALES do lie!

  7. "True Roo" -- heehee! :)

    Mae!!! What a good girl :)

  8. Are lovely Mae's ear tufts growing? And is she growing on you, Kelly?

    1. I haven't noticed a change in her tufts, but it's certainly possible with the growth in the rest of her fur. And as for her growing on me? I've always been fond of her. I think it's the other way around... I'm growing on her and, as she's learning to trust me, we're getting better photos and stories about her in return.

  9. So glad she's feeling more trusting -- for both your sakes!