Monday, January 20, 2014

On Any Given Monday Morning

On any given Monday morning, I attempt to put clean sheets on the bed.

On any given Monday morning, I find at least one kitty who is reluctant to make way for sheets.

On this particular Monday morning, I found something a bit different...

"She took Ruby's spot!"

"Never mind. Ruby doesn't want it anymore."


  1. MOL! Stripping the bed during cat breakfast is a mean (but necessary) trick around here.

  2. :) cute! On any given Tuesday after a Monday holiday, I attempt to wake up as I pray there is no snow and the children are able to go to school. However, the universe in its infinite wisdom has decided to allow it to snow the whole day and give the children ONE MORE DAY OFF. Yay me!

  3. Ruby is perfecting the put-upon big sister look!

    And Ruby, that's how I feel after Jinx sticks his head and/or paw in my water glass..."No, no, you finish it...I can get up and get another glass..." ;)

  4. No one does righteous indignation like a cat...hilarious!