Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Catnip on a Cold Day

Hey! Does your house look like this?

Why, yes... that IS over a foot of snow blocking my front door!

Does your driveway look like this?

And your dashboard look like this?

Well, then you might just live in Michigan.

Welcome to winter. The most ridiculous winter in 30 years, easily. My kids went back to school for one whole day following their Christmas break and now have been home for four (FOUR!) additional days to entertain and annoy each other. Yay, me! (And if you get that last part, you most definitely have children)

Thankfully, the cats have no difficulty entertaining themselves. 

Max, for example, discovered that she has the ability to open the drawers in the kitchen.

She learned how to open them wide enough to discover what was inside of them.

She learned that MAX could fit inside of the drawer too!

This particular drawer was especially interesting. It holds the dog brush and the nail clippers.

She found a couple of cat toys in there too. 

Oh yeah... Max found the nip too.

Mr. Simba found the nip and tried to lick it out of Maxie's fur.

"Do you MIND, kind sir? Max was saving that nip for later! Now go away!"

"You too, Chucklehead. Beat it before Max shows you the Paw-o-Doom!"

And when she was done, Max cleaned every bit of catnip out of her fur to make certain that not a crumb was wasted.

She streeeeetched and went on her way, knowing her job was done.

What job was that, you might ask?

Making the Lady clean up the drawer in the kitchen.

Hopefully, she finds something a bit less destructive to do tomorrow.


  1. We have been snowed in since Sunday. My kids will now have their third snow day tomorrow. My road hasn't been plowed yet. We live in SW Michigan: New Buffalo. My cats only know how to open cupboards, not drawers yet.

  2. Oh my....thats a lotta nip. Max is lucky she wasn't high for days!!! :)

  3. I would LOVE to see some snow, but down here we just have the "bitter" (hey 12 degrees last night was a record low!)cold.

    I think Max is a very clever kitty who didn't want the Mama Lady to get bored being stuck inside! ;)

  4. hahahah... awesome Max is awesome


  5. So clever of Max! I've had more than one kitty who learned how to open cabinets, but never one who figure out how to open drawers. Not that there would be room for an entire cat in any of my kitchen drawers...

  6. LOL :) We have cold and kiddos went back today to "try again". 3 wks off (minus 2 days) since Dec 23. Did they go back today (Wed)?

    1. NOPE! Still home. I am ever hopeful they will return tomorrow.

  7. I so enjoyed this posting!! Thanks for the smiles today. I could just cuddle and kiss all over that Max!!

  8. No, our house looks like this.. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=411442268958856&set=a.375079702595113.1073741829.244391765663908&type=1&theater

    I think I just fell head over heals for Max.. I mean come on.. IN a drawer?? that is so awesome..

  9. What a great tale (err... tail, seeing as who we're dealing with) of exploration and discovery!!!

    Good job, Maxie :)