Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Maisy's Little Secret


Mae feels that we know each other well enough now that she can share a teeny tiny secret with you...

Check the picture below and the secret you shall know.

Did you get it?

Good. Because she may not show you again ;-)


Getting to know you

Getting to know all about you

When we are with you

"When we are with WHO? Nobody here but us, Lady!"

Are you sure about that?

Check the lump between you, girls.

Who could that be?

It can't be Simba. He's over on the chair.

Let's see. It's not Max. It's not Ruby. It's not Simba. Who could it be?

"Don't tell them it's me. Mae does not like the song of their people."

We're getting closer, folks.


  1. Ha ha bikini shot! :)

    And Mae doesn't like the songs of the Von Trapp tribe? ;)

  2. the bikini. And we have a similar theory here-if no one sees you, you must not be there (which explains why Saff constantly walks OVER Junior if he is sleeping under the sofa cover).

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  4. O.M.G. that sweet spot on Mae is so .... well.... SWEET!


  5. Mae is a DARLING undercover kitty flanked by her not-so-secret service.