Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Sorry that we're late checking in this evening.

We spent our morning recuperating from our exciting New Year's Eve celebration of family movie night and a rousing game of Apples to Apples.

We spent our afternoon waiting for a very important football game.

"Is it time yet?"

We spent our evening cheering on our team and celebrating our first Rose Bowl victory in 26 years.

It is a truly happy new year so far.


We spent New Year's Eve taking down the Christmas decorations, including the tree, and returning the house to "normal" (whatever that is). That meant invading Miss Maisy Mae's room and taking away her tree. When we returned to her room this morning, we found... um... we couldn't find... well, we couldn't find the cat that we'd left in there!

We did find the heating element from her bed that Mae pulled out of the bedding. But where's Mae?

Look closer. Can you find her?

Smart girl didn't just go under the blankets. She tucked herself inside the blankets. 

"It's 13 degrees outside, Lady, and Mae's popped holes in the window cling. It's cold in here!"

We've had some pretty major developments on the Maisy Mae front. Our girl is throwing timidity to the wayside (which is good, since Ruby Roo has already corned the scaredy cat market around here). She's turning into a regular Chatty Cathy, greeting me with conversation whenever I enter the room. Not only that, but...

Wait for it...

She comes out of her hiding spots or off her high ledges to meet me at the door. And...

Wait for it...

She climbs into my lap without invitation. And...

Wait for it...

She very nearly follows me through the door into the main house whenever I leave her. And...

Wait for it...

She sits at the door and calls to me whenever I'm not with her.

SO worth waiting for!


  1. that certainly is worth waiting for - and a very comfy place to snooze

    mom got Apples to Apples for the kid for Christmas...the kid didn't get all the references, so she and mom teamed up against the rest of the family - and hilarity ensued :)

  2. Happy New Year to all at Whiskers in the Window -- the creator and the partakers. And let's hope Mae finds her family before Valentine's Day!

  3. Aww... I love that "13 degrees outside" picture of Mae!!

    Charlie's neckerchief!

  4. What a sweet girl Mae is, and so deserving of a forever home. I hope she finds it soon!

    Happy New Year!