Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Excuses, Excuses

Turns out that I had a very good reason for not posting last night...

A mother-daughter blanket on an exceptionally cold night :-)

Mae was there first.

Then came Max.

They snuggled and purred together there for close to an hour.

Max got her sniff on and then she was gone.

But Mae remained... for about 3 more hours.

She would have stayed all night, if I hadn't decided to go to bed

(where Simba was waiting for me).

I'm not certain this was an expression of love by Max as much as it was "claiming the Mama Lady." She's very possessive of her place with me, which is on my chest and under my chin. She demands "top position" when the other cats are there snuggling too. She will come flying out of nowhere to claim that spot as soon as she senses I've got feline companionship. Yep, she's a brat and they let her get away with it. Good thing the other kitties prefer my legs anyway.


  1. Awwww...a special moment before Mae moves to her forever home.

  2. Ok fine, I guess that is a good excuse... especially since I've used it in the past

  3. I loved seeing this mother-and-child reunion!

  4. Aww... love the Mae-Max moment, whatever its motivations!! :)

    So funny about possessive Miss Maxie!!